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    Hey guys,

    Myself and three other friends from Ireland are planning a road trip for this summer across the States.
    We plan to fly into New York, drive down the east coast to Florida, drive across the southern coast, up through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona and finally end up in Los Angeles.

    We thought we might spend a week in both New York and Los Angeles, and maybe four weeks for the road trip in between. Is four weeks a reasonable amount of time to travel that distance at a leisurely pace?

    Our first preference would be renting a car, however we are all under 21. All four of us will be 20 at the time of the trip and two of us, including me, have driving licenses. Therefore all the driving will have to be shared between us two.
    We know we can rent a car in New York State, Florida or Michigan under the age of 21 and are prepared to pay the under age charge, but can we bring that car into another state where the minimum rental age is 21? Will a rental company even rent a car to us, and if so, what company or companies? Would we be able to convince them to rent us a car with our Irish charm or do they stick strictly to policy?

    We thought about buying a car but with our budget it didn’t seem like the best idea in case it broke down in the middle of nowhere!
    Are there any other options that we have overlooked?

    All comments and suggestions are welcome and much appreciated!



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    Default Now the Fun Begins

    Céad Míle Fáilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As you've noted, it is going to be expensive, at best, to rent a car with only four underage drivers. Most of the major companies will not rent at all to four young gentlemen if they are all under 21 for any amount of money. The few companies that will are going to tend to be local firms that will place severe geographic constraints on where the car can be driven and probably NOT allow a drop-off in L.A. in any event. Also note that the premium for underage drivers is per driver, so you need to double that if two of you want to drive. Still, it may be possible to find a car hire firm that will rent to you, will let you drive thousands of miles, will let you leave the car in Los Angeles, and NOT ask for several gold bars in exchange. The best advice I can give you is to get on the Internet and start searching - and read the fine print always.


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    Default Four weeks, fine


    In answer to your other question, 4 weeks to get across the country should be fine. You'll be able to see a lot, do a lot and have many memorable experiences.

    I hope you are all good friends because 6 weeks of togetherness is a long time, so you'll need to plan some separate time for each to explore her own interests, especially in the cities like New York, New Orleans, Dallas, and Los Angeles where there are many unique things to see that may not be universally appreciated.

    Finally, if you haven't been in a southern climate during the summer time, be aware that it will likely be quite warm, even hot, and humid. Yes, you have humidity in Ireland, but not temperatures that routinely top 35°C in mid-summer. (By comparison the highest air temperature recorded in Ireland was 33.3°C at Kilkenny Castle 26th June 1887).

    Once you get west of Texas it won't be so much of a problem because the altitude gets higher and the humidity gets lower, though the temperatures can also get higher (as much as 15°C higher!). Just be ready with light, cotton clothing, sunscreen lotion and a good straw hat for each of you, or you fair lasses will go home looking like cooked beets.

    Have a wonderful trip,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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