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  1. Default San Francisco to Vegas (via Yosemite) mid March

    Sorry if this is a repeat of a question posed many times on this site, but my fiance and I are travelling from SF to LV as part of our honeymoon on 17th March and due to arrive sometime the following day.

    We would very much like to include a stop in Yosemite during the first day before travelling as far as possible towards Vegas before stopping somewhere for the night. We would then travel on to Vegas the following day.

    I have seen many different routes mentioned in other discussions but also many mentions of road closures at this time of year (Tioga Pass?).

    Can anyone advise the best way to include a stop at Yosemite but at the same time getting as close to Vegas before stopping for the night.

    Any help for this very stressed husband to be would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Tioga Pass will be closed at this time, so you will have to go around via Bakersfield to get to Vegas.

    Yosemite isn't really a place where you can just stop in for a few minutes, by the time you drive into the valley and look around, you will have already used up a couple hours. That means you really won't be able to get that close to Vegas on your first day.

    You could probably play it by ear and go without reservations and just stop whereever you end up for the night, but I would be surprised if you were able to make it farther than Fresno for your overnight stop.

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    Many thanks for the reply Midwest Michael.

    Assuming we made it to Fresno before stopping and then got back on the road early the next day what sort of driving time would we be looking at to Vegas.

    Looking at the road map, I assume it would be down to Bakersfield before on to Barstow and then north east to Vegas?

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    Fresno to Las Vegas is just under 400 miles, including some 'surface' driving between Bakersfield Barstow. I'd budget 7-8 hours for that trip leaving a little room for a relaxed meal or two and other short stops. If you're like me, you'd rather have a time frame that you know you can make and use any time from an earlier than expected arrival to scope out your new surroundings.


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