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  1. Default Is I-5 in the Siskiyou, Mt. Shasta & Grapevine areas okay in April

    Hello Everybody,

    Need your input. I've been on the I-5 in these areas during the Summer time (around mid July and early September) and encountered great, hot weather. This Spring, I'm moving down south and planning to leave Portland, OR for Los Angeles, CA in April.

    I was worried about the high elevations I will encounter passing through the Siskiyou Summit, Mt. Shasta and Grapevine areas and the possibility of snow or icy bad weather there in the month of April.

    Certainly by the end of May it would be fine weather (no snow and ice) in those high elevation areas, right?

    I will have my little manual transmission (stickshift) Mazda3 packed full of stuff and am concerned about bad weather.

    Any thoughts? Is the end of May probably better if I really want to avoid snow or bad weather in these areas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Clear sailing

    Greetings Cherry and welcome aboard!

    Not withstanding any freak-of-nature storm, I-5 should be more than fine in late May or early April. Of course, check your route before you go and along the way just to be sure, but I don't think you'll run into any problems.
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  3. Default Pls Suggest Alternate Route: Portland, OR to Los Angeles

    Hello Everybody!

    I'm driving to down south to LA from Portland, OR around the end of March or middle of April and wanted to ask ArizonaBrad (thanks for answering my previous thread weeks back) or AZBuck and the other roadtrip veterans out there of any alternate routes to take just in case it becomes icy or slick in the high elevation Siskiyou or Mt. Shasta areas on the I-5. If weather is a-okay, I'm taking I-5 all the way. I just want an alternate route ready just in case. I will check road conditions and weather 24 hours prior as suggested in other threads. Thanks for those tips.

    Would I still need chains driving on I-5 or any other major highway in mid March or mid April in Oregon? It's not officially Winter anymore by that time and the mandatory chain law would not apply anymore, I'm assuming. Any thoughts?

    I've been told that the Coast route is never gonna be icy so it's better to take that if weather is unstable. Is that true?

    Is a good alternate route heading to the Coast (US 101) and proceeding to take the 101 all the way down to San Francisco? I don't know what highway to take in Southern Oregon to get to the 101 ? US 199 maybe?

    How is the terrain? Is the US 101 curvy and scary from Southern Oregon to San Francisco?

    Should I take the 101 all the way down to San Francisco then take the major freeways down there to get back to I-5? Any alternate routes to get back to I-5 before I hit San Francisco?

    If Portland to San Francisco on the I-5 takes about 12 to 13 hours, how long would it take if I cut to the Coast US 101 in Southern Oregon?

    I'm female, 30 yrs old, and doing this alone and would like to take major highways for safety.

    Reading this forum has been so helpful. I will definitely check road conditions and weather 24 hours before I get going and I do have AAA. I have also read the other threads that deal with solo road trips and precautions. Great tips! Thanks so much in advance!

    I hope I don't sound like I have too many questions but it seems I do. I'm just really scared about driving alone in the Spring but I'm gonna do it! I can't wait until Summer! Thanks all!
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  4. Default Thanks for consolidating the thread :) Okay I did some more research...

    ...from detailed previous posts written by Judy/AZBuck/ArizonaBrad (shucks should've hit the trusty old search function button to begin with sorry to bug you all) and I think I have devised a couple of safe alternate routes.

    Alternate Route #1
    I-5 to Grants Pass
    South on US199 to Crescent City
    South on 101

    Alternate Route #2
    South on 101 from Lincoln City, OR all the way down to San Francisco

    Thanks to Judy for all your detailed posts on Coastal Roadtrips and detailed descriptions of how the 101 is like. Very helpful!
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    ...your best option is to sit and wait. If I-5 is snow bound (a very small chance, as Brad pointed out) then your only real options would be to head for a two lane road (US-97) through even rougher terrain, go incredibly far out of your way on I-84/I-15, or take the very slow coastal route (US-101). None of those options makes as much sense as just sitting in the warmth of your own home for a day while they clear I-5. Really, the Interstate routes are the best engineered, safest, and best maintained roads in existence, and I don't see that in your case you have a better alternative.


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