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    Default Utah to Jacksonville, Fla 1st of March

    Hello everyone! In 2 weeks, I will be taking a road trip (to move to Florida) from Provo, Utah to Jacksonville, Fla. I will have my two kitty cats in the car and my mom will be going with me to help with the driving and for support. My husband, whom is already in Florida, has been checking different routes. We're going to shoot for south on I-15 to the 6 through Spanish Fork Canyon, passing through Price and Manti, Utah - through Alb, NM, and into Amarillo, Tx, where we'll most likely stop for the night. Then continuing into Dallas and taking the 287 through North east TX and into MS, eventually linking up with the I-10 in LA - passing through Baton Rouge, Mobile, AL, Tallahassee, Fla and ending in Jacksonville.
    Since we'll have the kitty cats with us and my mom has limited time with me before she has to fly home to California, we won't be able to take this leisurely and won't be able to make any site seeing stops unless they are within 10-15 minutes from the Hwy or Fwy we'll be on.
    Any suggestions? I've never driven this far before, so this will be a new experience for us both. We'll have a GPS device with us in the car and an Atlas. Any tips or recommendations on the route we have planned out? Recommendations for traveling with cats (both have driven 11 hr car rides to Cali before and have done fine), planning tips, etc...? Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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    Default balancing reality

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think you are trying to bite off way too much with that first day. You are looking at over 850 miles, which is really too much for one day. Its also mostly non-interstate, so I think you'd be doing really good if you were able to cover that distance in 16 hours.

    While its understandable that you have a limited amount of time to make this trip, you also have to think about health and safety. First of all, when you try to bite off that much time on one day, you're really going to be pushing your physical limits. At the very least, you will be set up to be extremely tired during the remaining miles on your trip.

    The other aspect is your cats. From my experience, cats generally take a hunker down approach when they are in a long car ride. That means, they really don't eat, drink, or use the litter box until they are in a comfortable place. I'd say the 11 hours trip they've done before is really the top end of what you should put them through.

    Based on the route you've listed, I think you should be looking at stops in the Albq, Fort Worth-Dallas, and Gulfport areas.

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