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    thank you so much for all your help so far.

    while collecting useful information on our roadtrip from 10th April till 19th April from La to SF, i've came across the so-called "driveaway".

    I have the general idea what the driveaway is, but i do not have any practical experience about it nor can i find a site where i would get the information that i need, which is what do i have to do to get the car and to drive it myself to the desired destination (all the sites i've found so far are all about how could my car be transported - just the opposite of what i am looking for).

    so does anybody know anything about driveaway, what are the good driveaway agancies, what do i need to be careful about...all sorts of tips would be higly appretiated :)

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    Default Point A to Point B Only

    Driveaways are typically not a great option for a roadtrip, unless you are only looking to get from Point A to Point B. Companies only give you enough time and miles to cover the distance in the most efficiant way possible, which simply doesn't allow the option of exploring or taking 9 days to get from La to SF.

    Here is where you can find some more information, companies, and FAQs about Driveaways.

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