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    A girlfriend of mine and I are wanting to take about 5 days during Spring Break and hit the road. We don't really know where we want to go...the beach would be great. I was thinking about California as I have never been to Cali. I would like to camp along the way and maybe stop and see some cool stuff.

    I also thought about Florida but I've been to Destin already. Now that I am writing this..I REALLY want to go West. We are laid back girls who like to have fun and that is all we want out of this trip. Relaxation, time together, and seeing some cool stuff along the way. Anyone help us with where to end up in Cali. and where to stop along the way in a 5 day time frame?


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    I'm sorry, but you can't have it all: camping, seeing cool stuff, and getting to the California coast. It's just over 1300 miles from Austin to San Diego and while you could drive that in two very hard days, you wouldn't have time for any stops along the way. Nor would you have much time at the beach - one day - before you had to turn around and drive another 1300 mile to get home. That just doesn't sound very relaxing to me.

    The 'West' is possible. A loop through New Mexico with stops at White Sands, Socorro, Santa Fe, Roswell and Carlsbad would offer you the chance to see some cool stuff (depending on what floats you boat) for not many more miles than a one way drive to San Diego, and while there are no beaches, there is the occasional lake.

    Another possible loop trip of similar length would take you to the Gulf beaches of southern Mississippi and Alabama with stops along the way along the Mississippi River and in the bayou country of Louisiana.

    So, What's more important to you, a relaxed enjoyable trip or getting to a specific destination? Once you make some basic decisions on what you want to do and where you can get to within your time constraints I can be a bit more specific about sights that might fit with that new plan.


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    I have been doing some research on the Cali. trip and it does seem to be a stretch in 5 days. I have done the New Mexico trip with my family (we go skiing in Colorado and drive through there on our way). I was born in Louisiana so I wouldn't mind driving through there, but not one of my faves.

    We also thought about Vegas but that may be a stretch as well. Ultimately we want to see some cool/beautiful things and just have some fun. We are both in our late 20's so we like the going out scene but we are not "clubby" girls. We prefer the hole in the wall type places.

    2 girls, an ice chest, a tent, and 5 days....that's all that's certain about this trip.

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    Default One Other Possibility

    OK, there is one other trip that I can think of that would offer you the chance to see something new and beautiful, and that would be the southern stretches of the Great River Road. This would take you to some lovely old river ports and ante bellum towns such as Natchez, Vicksburg and Memphis. And you could include Hot Springs either going or coming.


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    Default Do you have to leave Texas?

    You could hit Padre Island, Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Galveston, Dallas, see the Marfa lights, etc all without leaving the state. I've been thinking about an all Texas road trip myself.


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