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    Default America's Most Underrated Cities

    Shermanstravel listed the top five underrated US cities to visit February 16th.

    They are:

    1. Baltimore
    2. Fort Lauderdale
    3. Houston
    4. Kansas City
    5. Louisville

    I'd like to add Milwaukee and the Quad Cities.

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    Default Living in the shadows

    I think most cities have to live in the shadows of places like New York City, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles, which is unfortunate.

    Providence has shown an incredible turnaround - the first time I really ventured into that city was at the very beginning of its rebirth. And I have to agree with their choice of Pittsburgh - when I first visited, I was expecting a gray, smoky place with a lifeless center and decaying steel mills in abundance. I was pleasantly surprised.

    I think some of these lists tend to focus on some criteria that do not necessarily beget a great city. Outlet shops are on the top my list here. Far more impressive, at least to me, are cities where the downtown area doesn't go to sleep at 5pm. These places are few and far between, and it is unfortunate. Certainly adding retail to these areas helps, but if the only reason for a person to enter the city is to go to the mall, I think a large opportunity is lost.

    In some of my earliest travels, I was amazed at how quiet downtown Boston proper could be on the weekend. That situation has since turned around quite a bit, due in no small part to the efforts of those that actually live in the city.
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    Default Downtown Phoenix

    Phoenix isn't all that big after dark, there are a few venues but not much. Downtown Tempe is a little bit busier, but only because of ASU, Downtown Scottsdale though is much busier after dark though. It usually depends on the demand for such things, but to me a bunch of clubs and bars doesn't make for the best nightlife. We got some really cool things out here where outdoor malls are becoming a nightlife center in and of themselves. Tempe Marketplace has a stage for live entertainment in an area called "the district", anchored at one end by a Harkins Theatres and with plenty of restaurants. Stores and stuff throughout. I think such places are going to be the next thing since downtowns are traditionally hard to get to and have limited parking, where these new malls can provide a traffic free corridor for nightlife.

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