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    we're planning a road trip from Edmonton Alberta to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Aneheim, Las Vegas. We have 14 days total, and would like to have at least 2 days in Disneyland, a day at Universal, an afternoon at a Napa Valley winery, a tour of Alcatraz, see Fishermans Wharf, and a couple of days to relax and recharge on the beaches. We are going at the end of May, and need help. What is the best way to go, where is the best border crossing, what are the easiest highways / freeways to travel, etc. Please help. We will be there over two long weekends so we need to keep that into consideration, because we are trying to avoid as many crowds as possible.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The trip you are talking about is very similar to this one, so I'd check that one out for route info etc.

    Unfortunatly, you've got the same basic problem as the person who started that thread. You've got too much stuff you want to do for the time you've alotted.

    You need 4 days each way to cover the distance, and that's moving at a good pace. I count at least 7 full days minimum to do the things you say you want to do in Calfornia. Right there you are at 15 days, over the time you say you have. You can still have a good trip, but you'll have to cut something or find a way to have a little more time for your trip.

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    I'm a little more optimistic, but you are still borderline on the time allowed.

    It's doable to drive from Edmonton to LA in about 3 1/2 days -- call it 4 each way. But those are in-the-car-and-moving long driving days. It's about 1755 miles each way -- slightly longer if you take the western route back (via SF and the Vancouver area). That's a minimum of 32 hours driving time -- which isn't too bad over 4 days, but a REAL push to do it in 3, to the point we don't recommend it at all. (Too many hours in the car each day and it gets un-fun and dangerous as the drivers get tired.)

    Add in another 2 days in Disneyland, a day in SF, and 2 days on the beach somewhere, and you're at 8+2+1+2 = 13 days... Pretty close on time.

    If you're traveling at the end of the May, you'll still be before the first rush of kids & families out of school -- that's usually starting early-to-mid June.

    The computer says the fastest route is south through Calgary through Great Falls and Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and LA. The route I'm most familiar with is up on the I-5 through California via Portland and Seattle through Kamloops and Jasper. You might consider taking one route down, and the other back.

    On the western route, I'm partial to avoiding the border at Blaine (on the I-5) and heading east either to 539/13 (Meridian) or at Sumas (on the 9). Both are less busy -- Sumas can be very quiet, and the TransCanada dips down to it's only a mile or two to catch it from the border at Sumas. A bit of back roads through farming country to Sumas on WA-546 though. From there I'd take the TransCanada to Hope, then the toll road to Kamloops, and then up the 5 to Tete Jaune Cache, and then east through Jasper to Edmonton. Not as windy as the TransCanada to Lake Louise, and still a very good road.

    For places to stay -- for kick back, family-style beaches (you are going to Disneyland, so I'm assuming a family trip) you might consider either the Seal Beach to Huntington Beach to Newport Beach areas (which are about 30-40 minutes from Disneyland). Huntington Beach in particular has had a couple of larger "resort" type hotels go on across the road from the beaches. Universal Studios will be more of a challege, its about a hour (or more) from Anaheim area at rush hour through some heavy downtown LA traffic. There are hotels in the area near Universal City.

    Another couple of relax, family type, beaches to consider might be Ventura, or Camarillo/ Santa Barbara. Those are both wide sandy beaches and can be very nice in May. Similarly, the Morro Bay/ San Simeon area has very nice beaches, but are a bit rather north (west of San Luis Obispo).

    If you'd like a spend an afternoon at a winery, you have several opportunities. There are a number of wineries in the San Ynez/ Solvang area, a large number in the Paso Robles area (assuming you take the 101 north from the Santa Barbara area to Monterey, and then to San Francisco), in the Napa/ Sonoma area north of SF, and in the Corvallis/ Salem area in Oregon (quite near the I-5). That gives you enough opportunities to find some along the way, rather than having to dedicate a specific side trip for that.

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    Hi it is me who is trying to plan to go to disneyland and on the last post i changed the amount of days we are trying for 16 to 17 full days instead of just 2 weeks . if you want to chat send me a pm

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    So please tell us if you had enough time? I want to make some similar tour after last year tour from a travel company) I fell in love with California thereat)
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, Alla.

    If you look at the dates, this thread is nearly 10 years old and the original poster has never once returned to the forum (not even to look at the responses!) so it's safe to say, they won't be responding to your post. If you are planning your own trip, feel free to start your own thread where you can ask whatever questions you may have.

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