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    Default Pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island

    My friends and I are going to drive from New York City to Prince Edward Island, Canada. I'm so excited. We'll probably stop in Maine or somewhere and stop for the night. We may even do that part in more than one day and stop in Boston overnight then Maine overnight.

    Our goal is Prince Edward Island. It's the hundredth anniversary of the publication of one of my favorite books, ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, by LM Montgomery. It's cheesy as all hell and definitely a "girly book". but I have no shame.

    PEI has all this touristy stuff like reenactments of scenes from the book, theatrical reproductions, etc...

    What should I add to our trip? I want whole belly clams, ice cream stands shaped like ice cream cones, you know, road trip stuff. I also found St Stephen, canada's famous "chocolate town".

    Independent bookstores are good. Drive in movies. Um... Tips for how to save some money.

    Oh. we camp, so we're not looking for B&Bs or hotels. We're poor. :) We'd rather spend our dough on good eats or a good show.

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    Default TripTiks were Invented for the Original Pilgrims

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One of the things about pilgrimages is that they are as much about the journey as the destination, just like a modern day RoadTrip, so don't short change yourself on the way to Charlottetown. It would be a very solid two day drive by the shortest route possible between New York and your goal. Adding a third day each way starts to open up a wealth of possibilities. Some other possible stops not mentioned in those links would include a stop at L. L. Bean's in Freeport (open 24/7/365) and at Fundy National Park for a few hours to watch the 30-40 foot tides.

    I used to walk my dog across the border between Calais, ME and St. Stephen, NB with nothing more than a wave to the customs officers. Unfortunately, these days you will need a passport, or at the very least, a government issued proof of ID (e.g. a drivers license) AND proof of citizenship such as your original birth certificate or a notarized copy. Be prepared rather than disappointed.


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    Default Thank you so much!

    This is a great start!

    This is exactly what I had in mind. I'm willing to stop anywhere along the way, even ten minutes out of Brooklyn, if it's something that I never knew about.

    I'm getting very strange information about getting to PEI- do I want the Confederation Bridge or a ferry? It looks like the bridge will be cheaper, and only charges one way. The ferry might be a nice experience, but well...

    Looking forward to reading more tips...

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    Default Confederation Bridge vs the Ferry

    Just like most of the bridges across the Hudson, tolls on the Confederation Bridge are collected on one crossing only. It's 'free' to drive onto the island, but costs $41.50 to cross back over to New Brunswick. While that is still possible to take a ferry to or from the island the remaining ferry route connects southward to Nova Scotia rather than westward to New Brunswick and so is considerably out of your way. If you read enough of my posts, you'll see that I am a big fan of ferries, and when I went to PEI it was the only option, but in your case I can't recommend spending more ($59) to go out of your way to get home.


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    Default Nothing to add

    but I just wanted to say that I think that sounds like a completely awesome trip. I did a similar thing, but with Laura Ingalls Wilder sites over the summer. Please, please let us know how it goes.

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    We did that last summer too!!!

    We drove cross country and did the Laura Ingalls Historic Highway. We even slept in a covered wagon on the original homestead! It was so awesome.

    Did you resist buying the Laura Ingalls bobblehead? We did. But we have many many pictures.

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    Default Missed the Bobblehead

    I didn't even know it was possible to sleep in the covered wagon. So cool.

    I took a lot of pictures - but they just don't do it justice. I found myself forgetting to use my camera at times. That entire trip (which Buck kindly added a link for my planning portion) will stand out as one of the better ones I've ever taken. Here is a link to my roadtrip report.

    Oh - I'm going to England for my trip this year. I do believe that I'm going to have to go to Bath for some Jane Austen sites.


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    Default You really are my twin

    Bath is wonderful. The nicest hostel I ever stayed at was in Bath. Course, I don't remember what it was called but there were flags of every country painted somewhere on the ceiling or something.

    When I was there the actual baths were closed. Don't miss the oppurtunity, now that they're open!

    My partner is a whiz with a camera so we got some amazing shots.

    My favorite souvenir though is that we had people draw on our car all the way across the country with metallic sharpies. The whole cast of the Laura Ingalls Pageant in Walnut Grove (yeah, we heard about the other pageant later and wished we'd gone to that one instead ) came out to the parking lot in costume after the show and tattooed the hood of the car. Unbelievable. Crazy times.

    Eat a Bath Bun with seafood on it for me and have cream tea. Lots of clotted cream.

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    Default New additions to our trip

    So, I want to see a friend in Booth Bay ME and I just realized that Family Week in Provincetown could coincide.

    So we're looking at

    Day 1: NY to Boston
    Day 2: Boston to Ptown
    Day 3 or 4 Ptown to Boothbay ME
    5: ME to St Stephen, NB for the chocolate festival
    6 PEI
    Stay in PEI for like a week and then come home.

    This sounds so marvelous I can't even fathom it.

    Too bad I probably can't afford to do all the stuff I want to do!

    (Though I found COUCHSURFING.COM and am very intrigued!!! Have any of you experienced it?)

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