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    This is my 1st time on here...

    I will be driving to say good-bye to my hubby, he is going on a year deployment, his 2nd one. Though this may be corney to some...I watched the movie Elizabethtown and I was wondering if there is a site or somewhere that I can get something made like the ending...where she makes a map to music with all the neat places to stop.

    I would love a "map" of where to stop on my way back from NC to NY. It will be a long trip home...not in hours.

    Any thoughts...?

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    Default Make it your own

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sorry to say, I haven't watched the movie, so I don't know exactly what you are talking about. However, just as some general advice, real roadtrips rarely play out like they do in the movies. If you are looking only for the exact experience you see in the movies, you could very well be disappointed.

    There are a million great places to stop, that would match your own personal interests, between NY and NC. Figure out what things, or what sorts of things, you'd like to see, and then build your own map from there!


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