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    Default Celina Ohio to Yosemite Park and back in 15 days

    My Wife and 2 kids ( 10 and 15 ) will be heading out on a 15 day road trip ( June 27 thru July 12th ) to Yosemite National Park ( our longest road trip and vacation ever ). I have plans on taking them to Pikes Peak on the way. We will be driving a car and pulling a small pop up camper ( sleeps 5 ). Our basic plans are to stop at Pikes Peak on the way, then Y N P and then home. Other than the 15 days we don't have a set schedule yet. We are trying to hold the budget to $2500-$4000 for the trip. I estimate 5000 miles round trip. We are trying to find places / sites to see and things to do on the trip.
    Is there anything that you would recommend for us see or do?
    Any campgrounds that you would recommend?
    Any tips that might help make the drive smoother? ( I ask because of a teenager in the car. lol )
    Will we have enough time to do the trip?
    Thanks for any Input that will help.

    Just for refference:
    Last year we went to Mount Rushmoore, Wal Drug, Corn Palace, and the Mall of America and had a blast, but we didn't camp at all ( 6 day trip ). This year we are trying to camp as much as possible. My wife and kids have never seen much wild animals ( bears, buffalo, elk, ect ). I have been to Yellowstone a couple times ( 15+ years ago ), and Pikes Peak 1 time over 30 years ago.

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    Default teens and more

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It looks like you've got a pretty nice trip laid out that certainly would seem to fall within the path of reasonable, in terms of both time and money.

    As far as finding campgrounds go, I would look into getting one of the many directories that are out there. There will be a wide variety of options depending on your needs, ranging from basic primative sites in the woods, to full out RV resorts with pools, mini-golf, arcades, etc.

    As far as keeping the kids happy, I'd say the single most important aspect will be to keep them involved in the planning process. They are certainly old enough to research and find things they would be interested in stopping at, and even planning many of the details like routes, campgrounds, and keeping things within a budget. Not only will they be more interested in the trip, because it something they will be a part of creating, but they'll also get some valuable experience if they want to head out on the road on their own in the coming years.

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    Thanks for the reply and help!! I know the wife, kids and me are really looking forward to the trip.

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