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  1. Default Alaska to Florida Roadtrip

    My fiance and I are bored and burnt out from our work schedules so we decided to take a break from working and hit the road. We took my brother with us. This was our first road trip ever. We used my Honda Civic and drove from Juneau, Alaska to Orlando, Florida and back. We passed by Canada and went through the West Coast, crossed the bottom states and then Orlando. It was a fun filled and memorable six weeks of adventure.
    Here's a list of the highlights of our adventure:
    1. The Signpost Forest in Watson, Canada
    2. Outlet Malls in Washington
    3. Chinese Garden in Oregon
    4. Walked the Golden Gate Bridge in California
    5. Spent time in Las Vegas
    6. Hoover Dam in Arizona
    7. Grand Canyon
    8. Drove through San Antonio, Texas
    9. Drove through Louissiana, Missippi, Alabama
    10. Spent 11 days going through Disneyworld and Universal Orlando (the best part of the trip)
    11. Saw the Arc in Missouri
    12. Drove all the way back to Oregon
    13. Stop by Salem to visit a friend and almost had our car stolen
    14. Drove back to Alaska

    It was fun, a little bit cramped and expensive because we spent a lot of time staying at hotels. We realized on our way back that we could have saved more money if we had car days. We started having car days on the way back.
    Sleeping in the car was not that bad.

    It was an adventure and we all want to do it again.

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    Default thanks for sharing

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Thanks for sharing some of the highlights of your trip. Its sounds like quite the whirlwind.

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    Default Arch

    Were you able to go up into the arch? When we went, we found out this is something you'd best get reservations for in advance.

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    No we didn't get to go up the arch but I think that will be part of our next road trip itinerary. Eventhough we went to so many places we still didn't see everything I wish that we saw...but then again there is always a next time :)

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