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  1. Default 20 days...NY to West Coast and Back...doable?

    Here is a rough itinerary.

    3 drivers...alternating days:

    1)nyc-chicago (792)
    2)day of rest
    3)chicago-omaha (467)
    4)omaha-denver (541)
    5)day of rest
    6)denver to salt lake city (534)
    7)salt lake city to reno (519)
    8)day of rest
    9)reno to san francisco (219)
    10)day of rest
    11)san francisco to los angeles (382)
    10)los angeles to las vegas (270)
    11)day of rest
    12)las vegas to albuquerque (575)
    13)albuquerque to ok city (543)
    14)day of rest
    15)ok city to memphis (466)
    16)memphis to atlanta (388)
    17)day of rest
    18)atlanta to charlotte (246)
    19)charlotte to baltimore (440)
    20)baltimore to ny (189)

    ***Is this a doable schedule?
    ***Are over 500-600 miles back to back too much?

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    The schedule you've laid out is quite doable. In fact, we recommend around 550 miles a day as a sustainable pace for solo drivers, so with three to share the load, no day will be too much, with one exception. You're planning to start out with a straight shot of nearly 800 miles from New York to Chicago in one day. That, I'm afraid will prove physically impossible and ultimately self-defeating in that even if you have a day of 'rest' in Chicago, you really won't feel much like seeing the town after that exhausting drive. I think you'd be better served to plan on making the most of your youthful energy and freshness at the start of the trip by making 4 more evenly spaced day's drives to Denver with stops at roughly Cleveland, OH; the Quad Cities; and Lincoln, NE. That is a pace that you can keep up and still find some time for a few sights along the way.


  3. Default ok updated

    ok so this looks more doable...I had a feeling the NY-Chicago part was too much:

    1)nyc-cleveland (463)
    2)cleveland-chicago (345)
    3)day of rest
    4)chicago-omaha (467)
    5)omaha-denver (541)
    6)day of rest
    7)denver to salt lake city (534)
    8)salt lake city to reno (519)
    9)day of rest
    10)reno to san francisco (219)
    11)san francisco to los angeles (382)
    12)los angeles to las vegas (270)
    13)day of rest
    14)las vegas to albuquerque (575)
    15)albuquerque to ok city (543)
    16)day of rest
    17)ok city to memphis (466)
    18)memphis to knoxville (391)
    19)knoxville to raleigh (359)
    20)day of rest
    21)raleigh to baltimore (317)
    22)baltimore to ny (189)

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