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  1. Default Ohio to San Fran 9 day Adventure

    Here's the plan: Me and my buddy are College students from Toledo. We're embarking on a 9 day road trip at the begining of march. We're 'officially' amateurs but I've taken some cool trips in the past by bus and hostel I also went down south for two breaks to help with hurricane relief. I think we've got what it takes: we intend on taking two lane highways and don't mind getting lost. I'm ok with anything from nature, beaches, nightlife, cities to sightseeing. We're about to purchase a beater Thunderbird. When we get there, we're hoping to sell it either to a used car lot or a junkyard, then fly back. We think this maximizes our time for driving out. Also we bought a CB radio. Just a few questions:

    1. Is this plan flawed? (i.e. are we crazy) Any ideas to fill in the gaps

    2. Where might we best meet people? I like hostels and busses cause there's always people to meet. Any favorite hostels? We're gonna stay toward the SW and S California

    3. I'm interested in Texas and S Cal, any must see road trip stops?

    4. What's good conversation material over the CB radio. I'd like to use it to ask about the area or directions etc.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'll start by saying, I added a 4th choice to your poll. I don't think there is an answer to your poll question, because as with most every "best" question when it comes to a roadtrip, the answers will change depending on the situation. I can think of cases where each of the answers would be a perfect choice or a very poor choice.

    Now as the car for YOUR trip, your plan would scare me a bit. Purchasing a "beater" car for a roadtrip has all sorts of red flags about it. Mostly that, you don't know the history of the car or what work has or has not already been done, beater cars by definition require a fair amount of work to keep roadworthy, and you are planning a trip that will take you thousands of miles from home and in some cases where you would be many miles from towns or other places to help get you back on your way if you do suffer a problem. I'll also say that selling a car from out of state can be tricky in California because of their air quality laws - so if your beater car doesn't pass a smog test, the best you could hope for is selling it for parts.

    The only hostel I've stayed in along this route is in San Diego, where there is a nice one right on the gaslamp district.

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