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    Default WSDOT Photos: Amazing!

    The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has graciously been snapping photos of all their work and posting them on Flickr for all to see. They have some AMAZING avalanche and snow removal photos from Washington SR 20 over the North Cascades Pass where avalanches have blocked access to the tiny Seattle City Light Company town of Diablo. Included in the debris are boulders the size of small economy cars.

    There are also some great photos of slides on US 2 in Chelan County (my home) through Tumwater Canyon and up near Tunnel Creek, and more from their snow removal operations further east along US 2 in the Columbia Basin. I haven't seen that much snow up around there in a while.

    Just thought I'd share some wonderful photos with everyone courtesy of the WSDOT!


    Here are a few I've linked in, below. All are from the WSDOT, licensed under Creative Commons.

    WSDOT Operations along US 2 in Eastern Washington

    WSDOT Operations North Cascades Highway Slide Removal - Big Boulder in Roadway

    WSDOT Snoqualmie Pass Operations - Bobcat climbing a Snow Drift along I-90

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    Default Wow

    I've really got to find a job where I can get a few days off in the winter. I've never seen more than a dusting of snow in my entire life. Granted, I don't want to see that much snow. Anyone up north want to adopt me for a week? I can do you tax return.


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    Default Eastern Wa

    My parents live where these photos were taken. I'm sure if they had the money to adopt you for tax prep, they would.

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    thanks for the link,theres some great pics there!

    in the south of england if we get a couple of inches of snowfall it brings the area to a standstill and causes havoc.
    hats of to the guys clearing it.

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