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    Hi all,

    I'm in the US (visiting for Australia) for a 2 weeks in March and April for work. My first week is in Irvine, then the second week in San Jose. Rather than fly I thought I would drive up highway one over the weekend to give me a chance to enjoy a little more of the California than just Irvine and SJ.

    I'm leaving Irvine on Friday the 28th and have to arrive in San Jose by Sunday 30th in the evening. I'm currently pouring over Google Earth and Microsoft Streets and Tips trying to decide on places to stop both Friday and Saturday night as well as any other "Don't Miss" places along the way. Unfortunately, not knowing the area at all this is proving quite difficult! I had planned on driving to Santa Barbara for Friday night and perhaps somewhere around Big Spur on Saturday night but these are just open thoughts at the moment.

    Would I be right in assuming that getting from Irvine to Santa Barbara, leaving on a Friday night around 6pm is going to take quite a bit longer than the 2 hours suggested by Streets and Tips due to traffic?

    I would greatly appreciate any advice on recommended places to see or stay on this trip, I know it's only short but for now it's all I've got!

    Thanks in advance,


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    It will take much longer then just 2 hours from Irvine to Santa Barbara due to traffic.

    Place to stop/visit on this drive in my opinon would be:
    Santa Barbara (the beaches)
    Solveng (north of Santa Barbara, take 246 off 101)
    Monterey (the seventeen mile drive)
    Santa Curz

    I have done this drive several times (years ago when I lived in L.A.) and found that I would take 101 up to San Luis Obispo and take Hwy 1 from there up Monterey. From there I would hop back on to 101 to get to San Fran.

    Hope this helps.

    I would also suggest to search the forum, as you will find other threads which provide more details on each of the stops I mentioned and others as well.

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