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    Hi all -

    I am relocating from Calgary to Chicago and driving my vehicle to visit friends and family along the way. I've mapped out a travel plan that keeps me mostly to the major interstate roads with exception of stretch between Great Falls, MT and Glendive, MT travelling on MT-200E/S.

    Given the time of year and geography, I have my concerns about this passage and would appreciate any insider knowledge about this it generally good winter driving? Is it a heavily-trafficked road? Is it a two-lane or four-lane road? And, if not this pass, other suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its been a couple of years, but I have driven the stretch of road you are talking about. Its 2 lanes and goes through the wide open ranchlands of Montana. There won't be a lot of traffic, but you'll go through a handful of small towns with gas and other services.

    I haven't driven it in winter, but I would suspect that it would be typical of other 2 lane roads in the region. My biggest concern would be blowing or drifting snow, since there isn't much to slow down the wind and I don't imagine that the road is the first priority when it comes to plows. On a typical day I wouldn't worry about it, but if the weather isn't great, I would probably take the long way around via I-15/I-94.

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    Thank you for your response, Michael - that is what I suspected. I charted both routes. Taking off tomorrow, so keeping close eye on the weather!

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