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    Default Cross Country Costs

    Me and my boyfriend are planning a road trip for this summer. We plan to go cross country (starting in WA) and want to hit the smithonians in DC (preferably stop somewhere short of that and train in) and Missouri. I'm really excited but he is nervous about the costs. We're taking a car w/ 40 mpg and have up to 8 weeks to spend (lots of meandering hopefully). Any suggestions on routes or places to hit? Or even better on cost? We plan to camp most of the time.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not sure who said it, but someone on here recently had a good statement about costs: Asking what a roadtrip will cost is like asking what a car will cost. There is no one size fits all answer because any answer depends on the details.

    About the best we can do is offer some of the other threads that look at what some typical costs for elements are, and then let you do the math so to speak. Here is one thread that would really help you do just that.

    Its kind of the same thing with offering things to see, since you've got a whole boatload of time, and you are looking across the entire country, there really is no way to begin without having a much better grasp on where you want to go and what you want to do.

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