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    Me and a group of my peers, all 18-21 years old, are planning our first roadtrip for this Summer. We have no experience and no clue where to start. We want to visit big cities and secluded natural areas and have from 1-2 weeks for the trip. We know where going to start, New Jersey, but have really no clue where to end or how to start planning this thing at all. Originally, we were planning to reach California, a goal that seems out of our limits for now. Anyone have any advice on how to start planning?
    Thanks a lot.

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    The best way to start with the fairly overwhelming task of planning a roadtrip is to break it down into elements. Figure out who will be going and how you will get there, Figure out what you have available in terms of time and money, and then Figure out some of the things you'd like to see.

    Once you've got those things, start seeing if all of them will work together and what will or won't work. For example if all you have is a week and $1000, a trip to California probably won't work, so you'll have to figure out if you can get more time and money or what places that are a little closer to home that you'd still like to see.

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