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  1. Default Any Suggestions for a Road Trip Trio?

    Hey guys!

    You guessed it, I'm new here to RTA and I'm seeking suggestions. I've browsed the forums for a while, trying to spare the mods and experts another monotonous post, but I've come up empty handed. So for a little background info.

    We live in Georgia. We want to go to California. So far, it's three of us and we're all 18. We are seeking a few more recruits but not any more than five. Our motivation to take the trip came from our desire to visit the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. We are planning on about 10-14 days [but seeing as how we don't have definite plans, we're not sure what to expect]. We don't mind driving, but naturally we want to spend as much time adventuring as possible. We're going to find KOA Campgrounds along our way and camp out every night. We do not have an unlimited budget [but rather, quite the opposite]. Since the trip is being planned for June, we have some time to make some money between now and then, after our expenses are calculated.

    The main problem: We're not quite sure what else we want [or are really dying ] to see. We know the Grand Canyon and Yosemite for sure, but between here and Cali, we can't think of anything we have to stop for. Do you guys have any suggestions on what we should stop to see, how many miles/day we should drive, how much we can expect to spend, and any other advice or tips you would like to offer up? Thanks so much for all your time!



    We're assuming that gas is going to be our biggest expense. Most of our stops will be self guided. We don't want to do the "tourist thing."
    Also, in Cali, we didn't have an specific things in mind, we're just a bunch of hippie kids that love being in nature and dream of Cali. [I even own a Sector 9 4' Longboard, so I'm looking for some sick spots to bomb hills. :D]
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Since you've got the whole country between you can California, you might simply start at looking at what some of those states have to offer.

    Just a word on your timeframe, if you've only got 10 days, you'll really have to push just to cover the miles. 14 really is the low end of what you would need to spend much any time on your trip doing much anything other than driving.

    I also think camping is a great idea for your trip, but remember KOA is hardly the only camping option out there. In fact, its exactly the kind of place I avoid when camping with my friends. Its too expensive and way too family oriented for our tastes. I would look strongly at state park options, which are usually less expensive and often will give you a little more space at the end of your day than you'll find at a KOA.

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    I just want to repeat what Michael said in his post....KOA isn't the place to camp if you're on a really tight budget. Don't get me wrong. They can be very nice, and I've stayed in quite a few. But for me, those times have only been when we're staying in the same place for a few nights, and my kids would make really good use of the swimming pool/game room/that sort of thing. I think if you research your trip very carefully, you can actually find loads of FREE campgrounds in places like National Forests. They often have no facilities though (showers, etc.), and with five 18 or 19 year olds in a car, I think a shower facility would be absolutely mandatory. So, as Michael mentioned, State or National Parks would be a great option (often 1/4 the cost of a KOA).

    Either way, take a TON of time to plan this trip. Research what's out there between you and Cali. You might want to use's map feature, plot out the route, and then zoom in on the route closely. It'll show you virtually all of the major (and many minor, but very cool) attractions on the way, as well as lots of campgrounds, etc. Very helpful tool!

    And three weeks would be lots better, but don't let it stop you if you can't pull that much time together! Just choose your destinations more carefully. Good luck-and don't forget to budget some cash in case of the need for car repair-or at least have a credit card available so you don't get stuck!!

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I'm glad [and quite surprised] to hear that KOA isn't our best option. I thought that it was the most reliable and relatively affordable. I'm going to get back to you with some other questions as soon as we decide on some stops.

    Thanks --

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    Default The McDonalds of RV parks

    Quote Originally Posted by Fyasko View Post
    ...hear that KOA isn't our best option
    It is very reliable -- sort of like the McDonalds of the fast food world and Motel 6 of the lodging world -- you will tend to find what you are expecting and will pay a % more than you might need to. Those types of companies send millions of $$ each year promoting that they offer the best deal -- but there are plenty of alternatives. Here is a quick overview of the range of camping options out there.


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