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    Default Cobra 19

    I have a cobra 19, it works ok but i was wondering if any one can help me make it better. i was also wanting to double up an older radio that had weather channels and hook it up and only use it as a weather scaner and not for transmitting. would that work or be a good idea?

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Tuning the antenna?

    Welcome to the Forum!

    First I'm not sure how you'd go about making a CB radio better without making it violate FCC rules. The best thing I can think of is a larger whip antenna and tuning it very accurately to your receiver.

    As far as doubling up an oder unit, I'm not sure what all you mean by that. Hopefully, you just mean installing the older unit for WB scanning, and not using the same speakers. I could see the benefits to being able to really listen to the Weather Band radio and still having your CB able to fully function.

    Anything beyond that you might just want to start looking into HAM radio for some good equipment and function, or mobile internet for some really good mobile information sources.


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    i do need to tune it still and that was what i was talking about , just mount it close and only for weather.

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    i have a 3ft firestick, mounted on the bed rail. how much better would it work if i got a magnetic mount and put it on the roof?

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Firestick v. Magnet Mount

    I currently use a magnet mount with my Midland Mini-Mobile. It's untuned, and dent slightly, but even when the antenna was new the range wasn't great. A 3 foot mounted Firestick, properly tuned, should out-do any magnet mount. However, the magnet mount would be perfect in my opinion for the Weather Band radio you have planned to setup. This way when you're not using it, you can take it down and out of the way.


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    Default thanks

    Thanks brad that will help me a lot. i apprecaite ur info.

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