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    we're a group of students (13), that are going in those three states for a month. I would like to know what budget motels would you suggest us. we will be carrying our sleeping bags with us, so we're very into getting e.g. 2 rooms with 2 king size beds where that would be possible. Can that be very trouble-causing or risky in the US?
    which chains of motels are suposed to be cheapest?

    thanks in advance

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    I think with 13 people you pretty much have to get 3 rooms. First, there aren't many place that have 2 king size beds in a room, usually 2 queens is the limit. More importantly, motels generally limit 4 people to a room. You could get away with 1 extra person, but not 2 or 3.

    Here's a thread that breaks down some of the motel chains by price level.

    You might also consider looking at hostels, which could be an option considering the size of your group. Here's another good article about that lodging option. When I traveled with a group to Germany a decade or so ago, we spent almost all of our nights in hostels. The options in the US aren't nearly as widespread as in Europe, but the concept remains the same.

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    hi. thanks. we're from Europe, so situation about hostels is well known. But i got an image, that in The States there are very few hostels and are not cheaper at all. Maybe i got wrong impression.
    Just two things more, in short: Vegas. Are motels there expensive, should we drive out of Vegas to sleep, is it better to make booking before arrival (we're there at the easter time, i guess from Thurstday till Sunday morning) etc.

    And do motels (eg the same chain) have different prices if they're on the edge of the city or more towards the center?

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