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  1. Default Las Vegas to North Carolina (Mid May)

    Hi All!

    Hope all is well! I just joined in hopes of researching my family's road trip right after Mother's day in May 2008. My brothers and I are taking our mother for a Mother's day gift. We have 7 days and we mapped out a tentative itinerary and here's what it looks like...

    We're all meeting in Las Vegas, NV. Then driving back to NC. Below are the destinations......
    Hoover Dam, Boulder City, NV
    Grand Canyon, AZ
    Roswell, NM
    Dallas, TX
    Houston, TX
    New Orleans, LA
    Lake Charles, LA
    Savannah, GA
    Charleston, SC
    >>Atlanta, GA<< If we have time we'll stop here but if not we will skip it.
    Winston-Salem, NC

    My mother isn't an "outdoorsy" person so we would mainly be doing "touristy" spots in each city. We would hopefully like to stay the night in either Grand Canyon, Houston, New Orleans and probably either Savannah or Charleston and we would like to spend more time in Grand Canyon and New Orleans.

    Are we being a little optimistic with all the stops? Any suggestions on must see's or do's or things to avoid? A suggested time line would also be helpful! :) Has anyone done this trip before?

    Thanks in advance for your help! It's much appreciated!!!

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    Default too much

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think you're going to be biting off a little too much here.

    Even without Atlanta, the route you've laid out alone is about 3000 miles, which all by itself is 6 full hour days (9 hours on the road per day) behind the wheel. You've also laid out 9 places you want to stop over the course of your 7 days. I just don't see how you make all of it fit together. In the best case, you'd have to drive straight through some of the places, maybe having time to walk around town for an hour or two.

    Since you've listed the Grand Canyon and New Orleans as your priorities, I would simply focus on them. Just taking the direct route that eliminates the other places will save you nearly a full day of driving, and would give you a chance to actually see GC and NOLA. You would still probably be able to fit in some other quick stops, like Dallas and Atlanta which would be on your route, and have a much more enjoyable trip.

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    Default Yup, too much

    You either need more days or less stops.

    Have you considered just doing a loop drive around the American Southwest and flying home from Vegas? You could do a loop in Utah to see their amazing scenery (breath-taking!) and include the Grand Canyon in that loop. Or go south into lovely Arizona and include the GC in that option as well. There are numerous options and, if you're interested in exploring some of them, we'll be glad to give you further details.

    I really think this option would give you a day (or 2 or 3) in Vegas, time for Grand Canyon, and a few other points of interest at a relaxed and enjoyable pace. I think doing Vegas, the drive back home, and the stops in-between might turn out to be a bit more hectic than you might really desire.

  4. Default Thanks...will rethink!

    Hi Thanks for the welcome!

    We want to do so much but there is so little time. aghh! :) I will have to rearrange the stops. Unfortunately I wish we could change the direction but trying to juggle 5 very busy people's schedule was hard enough to get 7 days together.

    Maybe we'll just drive by these places on our way back to NC.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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