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    Hey guys! After stumbling upon this site and being a massive fan of travel, I thought I would ask a couple of questions for this up-coming road trip me and a few friends will be embarking on.

    In a month or so we will be driving from Little Rock, AR to Flagstaff. Mostly a camping trip, we will be staying mostly in state parks and cheap hotels(hey were college kids!). Anyway, my question is this: Since we will be traveling mostly on I-40, is there a more scenic route to get to our destination? I'm going for a mostly "sight seeing trip" and wanted to see as much as possible.

    Second question. What would everyone suggest as a travel time? I mean how much time should we set aside to see stuff? A week? A week and a half? Two?

    Well, again I love the site. All kinds of helpful topics. And look forward to spending more time here. Thanks.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The short answers to your questions are 'Yes' and "As much as you can spare'. Seriously, there are several scenic alternatives to I-40, starting close to home with the Talimena Scenic Drive. Then after Oklahoma City, I-40 superceded and in spots parallels the old Route 66 alignment. In New Mexico, take the opportunity to get just a bit north of I-40 by heading up NM-39, the Frontera del Llano Byway from San Jon through Logan and Mosquero, hooking up with US-56 and then I-25 to bring you back down through Santa Fe to Albuquerque. And finally, of course, seriously consider another side trip in northeastern Arizona through Monument Valley. As you can see, you can easily spend a week or more just wandering the scenic roads of this trip, so scrape together as much time and money as you can fo0r this trip, but no matter how little it is, enjoy what you can afford.


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