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    Default Las Vegas to Los Angeles fun scenic trip! ideas?

    Hi everyone!
    Im going to las vegas to work at a trade show for a week in early march, but wanted to extend my trip for a week and drive from las vegas to LA,

    I have never been on a road trip in america before (I live in paris, but from D.C originally)

    Im very interested in taking a fun roadtrip, visiting any kind of quirky, obsolete roadside attractions, fifties
    motels... stuff left from the beginnings of road trip culture (not sure there actually is that kind of thing in this area...)

    I would like to avoid huge highways and take advantage of the scenery...
    me and my boyfriend were planning to rent a car in las vegas and we are on a very limited budget...

    does anyone have any ideas???
    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Default Its all right there

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The trip from LA to Vegas can be done in as little as 5 hours, so I guess the question is how far afield do you want to go? With a week you could really take a wide detour.

    However, the main route between the two cities, I-15, does have a lot of what you are looking for. Barstow is a pretty classic "Route 66" town, that still has a large number of mom and pop hotels. Farther up the road, Baker is a little desert stop that does its part to lure travelers with things like the Worlds Largest Thermometer and Alien Jerky.

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    Default And One Side Trip

    If you're looking for quirky and obsolete, and you have the time, then besides the sites that Michael has suggested, consider a moderate detour into northwestern Arizona for the longest remaining stretch of old Route 66 as well as the transplanted London Bridge


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