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  1. Default traveling from Niagara to Boston

    Hi Everyone,
    I will travel from the Niagara falls to Boston at the end of the month with my boys.
    I need to get to Boston in 3 days.
    First I like to have some information on interesting places to visit.
    Second I was thinking to stop for one day for ski.
    I wouls appreciat any information that could help me plan that trip.
    Thank you
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    That trip, basically along I-90 through New York and Massachusetts, has been discussed several times before in various threads and in various contexts. With three days to make the trip, you can probably do most of the things that have been recommended previously, depending on your interests of course. So rather than rehashing them all here (and more than likely forgetting several) let's do a quick search for those past threads:

    Micro Roadtrip New York - Niagara Falls
    New York State RoadTrip Loop
    Travelling from Boston to Niagara 3 days
    New York City To Maine Road Trip
    Chicago to Boston/Cambridge
    NW MA loop - long post!
    Chicago -> Boston -> ?

    Your best shot at finding skiing in that general corridor will be either in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts or in the southern Green Mountains of Vermont.

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    Default Excellent Ideas!


    That new index is going into my list of resources. Well done.


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