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    Default Car rental L.A. (LAX), age < 25

    We are 4 boys from Norway arriving in LA (LAX) 28 february, departure home 18 March. We are planning a road trip mostly in California/Nevada. Maybe a trip to Tijuana, Mexico. Our age is unfortunately 21-24, so car rental is more expensive.

    We need to rent a car that is big enoug for 4 adult and a lot of luggage. Any recommendations? Which car rental company is the cheapest/best? What kind of car give most value for money?

    What about insurance?

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    Default rentals

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is no set rule for the cheapest or best place to rent, especially when you are talking about renting under age 25. You simply have to shop around.

    In terms of best value, looking at a standard or full sized car is what I'd recommend. It would still have enough room, and costs for vans or suv's tend to be much higher than those of a sedan. Plus vans and suvs are often labeled "premium" cars that are simply not available to renters under 25.

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    Hey there

    I am also trying to hire a car around LA and am also under 25. try looking at these websites, they dont charge extra for being under 25.

    good luck
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    What is the best route between Las Vegas and San Francisco in the beginning of March?

  5. Default It depends..

    Best route between SF and Las Vegas at the beginning of March? That's highly dependant -- upon weather, upon your interests and how long it takes.

    The one invarient in this is that Tioga Pass heading east from near Yosemite over the crest of the Sierra Nevadas will be closed in early March.

    You can do the drive in one long day -- the fastest route is head east from the SF bay area to catch the I-5 south to near Bakersfield, and then head east to Barstow in the Mojave, and then north east on I-15 to Las Vegas. Longish drive for a day, but doable in a long day on the road. Good highways the entire route, and virtually guaranteed to not have snow even in early March.

    If you like skiiing, the Sierra Nevada ski resorts will most likely still be open -- that route would be east to Lake Tahoe/ Reno area with several ski areas, then south down the east side of the Sierras with several other ski resorts along the way, such as Mammoth Mountain. From the Mammoth area, you head south east to Las Vegas, possibly through Death Valley National Park.

    If you want the shortest, most scenic route, most people opt for SF to Yosemite National Park, then back south through the central valley and around via Bakersfield and Barstow to Las Vegas. Again, you have the option of going through Death Valley. There's also Sequoia National Park along the way...

    If you have a bit longer, there's a good route down from SF via Monterey/ Carmel through the Big Sur area, past Hearst Castle on Coast Highway to near Santa Barbara, and then east. You can dogleg a bit north to Yosemite, and then east via Barstow (and again the option of Death Valley) to to Las Vegas.

    And then there's the wine tasting route -- SF to Napa to Monterey area to Paso Robles to Santa Ynez, and then east to Las Vegas. That hits 4 different wine growing areas in California (there are several others, of which the central valley is one...)

    So... what are you interested in, and how long do you have to make this trip? 1 day? a week? 2 weeks?

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    Thanks Larrison! Is the Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada destinations popular areas for snowmobile rental? We are both skiing and snowmobiling home in Norway, so we will consider this.

    We have 18 days in california, arrival and departure LAX. Also going to visit some places around LA, Santa Barbara and maybe south to San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. I think we will drive highway 1 on the westcoast when we are driving from San Francisco to LA, but nothing is decided yet.

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