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  1. Default Riding a three wheeler from California to Georgia

    The post say's it all! Im from a town called Coarsegold, CA it's about 40 min south of Yosemite National Park. My friends and I love to ride three wheelers, they are amazing I have no idea why they were outlawed, I have had more fun on my three wheeler than on a quad, my dirtbike, 4 wheeling put together. I've been wanting to visit the south and was thinking about taking a bus there (still might do that) until my friend and I got this great idea to ride our 3 wheelers and make a hell of a trip out of it.

    So by next spring (2009) we are planning to ride all the way to Georgia, where not sure of where yet, but we know our destination has to be a bar somewhere. We dont want to end up in a city, just somewhere the locals would go. I know there has to be a way to cross country without getting on any major streets or highways, we were mostly thinking backroads/4x4 trails/dirt roads things like that to get us acrossed. It is going to take forever to figure out how to get there all by backroads but I know its possible, If I can figure out how to get around on backroads where I am then there has to be people that know the same kind of thing...alllllll the way acrossed to Georgia, I just need some help figuring out a rout or its going to take me along time by myself.

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    Default That would be quite a journey!

    Quote Originally Posted by 3Wheeler View Post
    The post say's it all! Im from a town called Coarsegold,
    We know a bunch of people in Coarsegold -- we did a book event there in 1999. Any chance you lived there then?

    I am not sure you can really drive all the way on private property/dirt/gravel roads, but it would be an interesting challenge.


  3. Default Yup all y life

    I have lived in coarsegold since 1987 when I was born.

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    Default Hook up with Brad!

    In 2003, Brad Hauter drove most of the way across America on a riding lawn mower so, I guess your goal of doing it on a 3-Wheeler is almost reasonable.


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