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  1. Default Best route from New York to Los Angeles

    I am planning to go from New York to Los Angeles, and I would like to avoid some of snow pron routes, what are my best options?

    Also which are the most famous attractions that I should not miss?

    I hope my questions are not that difficult :-)


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Almost any route from NY to LA is prone to getting snow at some time or another - it is difficult to tell the weather very much in advance of your trip. The best suggestion I can give you is to come up with two or three routes and keep an eye on the weather, though I would say that taking I-70 to I-44 to I-40 would most likely be the best option at this time of year.

    Now, how much time do you have to take this trip? Will this be a round-trip or one way?

    I think the most famous attraction on the way would be the Grand Canyon.

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    Default Winter driving is somewhat unpredictable

    Tim's right, you need to have more than one route figured out and take the best one based on the current weather.

    This post has a bit more information on how to go about planning a good winter roadtrip safely. Be sure to follow the link to Uncle Bob's winter driving tips at the bottom of that post.

    I-40 is likely to get less snow. But it might get icey conditions due to its higher elevation. I would rather drive on compact snow than on ice myself! So don't discount I-70 as an option.

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    I've driven from LA to New York in March, and it's impossible to avoid snow/ice entriely. That said, I would have to agree with the above post that recommends taking I-40 for a large stretch of the drive; but be sure to check the weather reports for New Mexico and Northern Arizona before you start your trip. Sometimes I-40 between New Mexico and Flagstaff has really bad ice storms in the winter, so just check it out beforehand.

    If I-40's no good, then I do recommend taking I-70 through Colorado if it is not being hit by a really hard snowstorm. The reason for this is that I-70 through Kansas, Colorado, and Utah is usually hit by lots of snow but is a major truck route, so it is usually well-maintained and snowplowed regularly. Also this is a very scenic route in the winter, going through the Rockies and the Eisenhower tunnel.

    I-70 ends at I-15 in Utah, which will take you through Vegas all the way to greater LA with pretty good weather.

  5. Default How about driving south and then West ?

    Hi Guys,
    Mass Tim, Judy and danhowe04 ; thanks for your replys.
    It was really helpful.

    My trip is one way, and I have more time on my hand, so I guess I choose a route that takes to Arizona to see Grand Canyon.

    But one more question, what if I drive south and then go west? I know it sound crazy, but as my car is not that good for a icey road, I don't want to hit snow at all. I can also postpone my trip to few weeks later, but it is still not a guarantee whether we get snow in March or not.

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    Default Ice on all roads in March!

    Quote Originally Posted by Navid View Post
    I know it sound crazy, but as my car is not that good for a icey road,
    What kind of car is that? Unless it has been lowered, (like one of mine) any car can handle snow and ice. In any case, you need to expect to encounter snow and/or ice on just about any stretch of road in California, Arizona and New Mexico in February & March. The odds are lower on some roads, but cold weather is always possible in the southwest in Spring.


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