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    Hey y'all! My friends and I have decided that sitting around this spring break is unacceptable and decided to go down to Port St. Lucie, Florida where my friends family has a condo(aka a free place to stay) and since we're all poor college students, plane fare was way out of our price range so we decided to road trip down there. We will be leaving friday night and driving straight there overnight, staying in Port St. Lucie 4 days, spending a day in New Orleans(we stay free there) then driving back, stopping to spend a night/morning in Memphis. There are going to be four(two girls, two guys, all just friends) of us in a car. This is all of our first road trip, and I was just looking for any tips you guys might have on things to make the (29 hour) drive go by a little faster, things to entertain us in the car, or make the cramped drive a little more comfortable. Also if you have any must see things along the way or in Memphis(especially good bbq places) that would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    Fargo to Port St. Lucie is nearly 2000 miles. You cannot make that "overnight'. No Way. Not Possible. It is a minimum of 34 hours, even if you drive all night in shifts. Even then, you have to recognize that whoever is going to be driving at 3 am is going to be tired and someone else will also have to be up to keep them company and keep an eye on them. And even if you pull it off in a day and a half, you have to add to that the day it will take to recover to the point where you can enjoy your new surroundings. You plan to add another 300 mile to your return drive AND spend time in New Orleans AND spend time in Memphis. My guess from your schedule is that you have 9 days to pull this all off. I just don't think that this grueling exercise will prove to be any fun for you at all, and the fact that you can get a few nights' free stay along the way is hardly reason to put yourselves through this.


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