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    Well here is the plan a ten day roadtrip in the new caddy starting in colorado springs and either going to yellowstone and mt rushmore or go the other way and hit vegas and the grand canyon i was planning on 300 miles per day and trying to avoid interstate travel. i want to spend a coulpe of days in each major stop. Any help with hotels, thingsnot to miss, cool bars, and great food would be great .

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    There is so many sights along those two basic routes, that I think you're selling yourself quite short. Even if you want to spend a couple of days each at two attractions along the way and want to limit yourself to 300 miles per day, that still means you can cover 1800 miles without pushing it too much. Now consider these two trips. Colorado Springs to Yellowstone and back is about 1300 miles by the most direct route. If you up your range to 1800 miles you can also see Mt. Rushmore, Devils Tower, the Little Bighorn Battlefield, scenic US-212, the Grand Tetons, Flaming Gorge, and Dinosaur National Monument.

    The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas option is already 1600 miles or so to begin with, but takes you by Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, Monument Valley and Mesa Verde, and if you include the Million Dollar Highway (US-550) and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, then you're starting to inch (or mile) towards your 1800 mile limit.

    Tough choice. The one saving grace is that you can't lose.


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