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    I'm planning a roadtrip for my husband, my two daughters (4 and 2), and myself. One of our stops includes White Sands. We'll be arriving pretty late (9ish if all goes according to my 'schedule', and I use that lightly) and will be staying two nights so we can spend some daytime there as well. We're bringing our tent, so we can either camp or stay in a motel/hotel/lodge, whatever. Is there any campground around there that you would recommend? Something preferably with a shower. lol If there's no shower I think we'd have to end up staying in an establishment, and I'd much rather we rough it. ;) TIA!

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    I haven't camped in that area myself, but based on what I found on the White Sands NPS site, I personally would be looking at camping at Oliver Lee State Park, which appears to have showers and is the closest public camping site to the National Monument. There is also a good list of private campgrounds on the NPS site.

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    Thanks so much. I don't know how I missed it on the NPS site. lol

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    I camped at Oliver Lee SP last September. It's fairly scenic with lots of sites. I think the cost was 10$, though I don't think anyone was there to enforce it (not that I'm recommending you don't pay, it's not that bad ;p). Showers exist but they are "campground" showers if you catch my drift. It's a bit out of the way, 10 miles or so south of Alamogordo and then 14 more miles to the main entrance to White Sands. Not too bad though. There is no campground at the national monument other than back country which requires a permit that you need to get by 6pm. Supposedly when there is a full moon, the reflections on the sand are amazingly bright and memorizing. Don't know how flexible your plans or if you want to reconsider more "primitive" camping to see this, as the park is closed at night.

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    I've stayed at the Best Western in Alamogordo a few years ago. It was pretty cheap, about 40$ for a single room and it had a hot tub and a heated pool that was open year-round. It was also quiet and the staff was friendly.


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