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    Am travelling to USA from UK in September 08. Looking to fly into San Francisco stay 2 nights drive to Yosemite stay 2 nights drive to Vegas (will I need a stopover?) then down to palm Sprnmgs (2 nights), Santa Barbara 3 nights) and back to San Fran.

    This is all very much "up in the air" as just putting pins on map at the mo - Could anyone give me advice on where to go/stay and how long driving takes etc. Basicall definitely want few nights in Vegas and Yosemite but also combine a chilling beach things as well. Got capacity to take about 16 days.

    Thanks in advance and apologies for being complete novice!!

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    Default tons of info

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The trip you've described is pretty much the most popular trip idea on the forum, and as such you should be able to find tons of info to help you plan your trip. Links to some of our favorite threads are found here, there is also some great details about Central California Beaches here, and great pictures of the area in this field report.

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    Brilliant - thanks a lot will take a look at the links you sent. Is there anyweher to avoid on these kinda trips?

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    Default Anywhere to avoid?

    Really, the only places to avoid are the places YOU don't want to see this trip. Every place usually has some value. 16 days gives you plenty of time to see the things on your list AND explore/linger along the way.

    Tioga Pass should be open in September. If you take that route, you will definitely make Vegas in one day without needing a stopover. It's only about 360 miles. However, I would encourage that you make a swing into Death Valley and you might want to add a stopover for the night there. The links Midwest Michael gave you should give you a lot of tips about potential stops and places to stay there.

    To get an idea of distances between locations, I suggest you use one of the online mapping programs. These reviews might help you pick one that you like best to work with. We believe that these programs are sometimes overly optimistic in how long it takes to travel the routes they help you set up. We generally recommend that you use 57mph to determine travel time (miles divided by 57) to come up with your estimated travel time. This will include time you will need to make brief stops for fuel/food and gives you a pretty good picture.

    We look forward to providing you more assistance in planning a great trip!

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    There are tons of things to do in Vegas besides gambling. If you are a nature lover, Death Valley is worth a look (as mentioned) but there is also Red Rock, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and Mount Charleston (nice place to escape the heat, its still hot in September here). Bonnie Springs is a nice side trip and its on the way to Red Rock. They have a small zoo, old west show and a little place to eat. You definitely won't run out of things to do and see.
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    Default New article is coming


    Very nice to see your posts on this forum. Megan is working on a new article (Six Day Trips from Las Vegas) that will be published on this web site on the 15th of February. Hope to see more of your local's ideas about LV here soon!



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