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  1. Default help me for RV overnight parking in Chicago Downtown!!!!

    Hello Everybody!!!
    Is an Italian RV's driving writing!!!!
    I'm organizing a Coast to Coast RV's tour for next summer!!!
    Can you give me some information about rv overnight parking in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco Downtowns??!!
    Thanks for any kind replay....
    Best Regards


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    Default downtown

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Typically it isn't real easy to find RV parking in a downtown area. Often what you'll find some RV park options in suburban areas outside of the city center, but downtown proper is usually not much of an option.

    You're best bet might be to grab an RV campground directory.

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    Default Un-official parking

    Quote Originally Posted by Italia View Post
    Can you give me some information about rv overnight parking in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco Downtowns??!!
    Although it is true that most major American cities do no have RV parks in the central areas, some places do. Michael is correct -- a good first start is to purchase one of the RV campground guides and see what is available. However, I have parked overnight in every one of those cities in larger RVs. But you have to be creative -- sometimes you can find ample parking around the convention areas of those cities -- but those areas can be a little "rough" so you need to keep your wits.

    Unless you have a need, like I did -- I was always working -- getting ready for a TV appearance or something like that you should not plan to park in the major cities overnight unless you are in a RV park.


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    Default RV parking near downtown

    In general, it is somewhat difficult to find RV parks near the downtown center of most cities. I googled "RV parking Chicago" and the same query for LA and SF. These searches provided a fairly long list of options in each city. I think a printed directory will tend to give you options not found via internet and would be a good resource to use in your planning. However, don't neglect this simple tool to help you find places to meet your needs.

    Some of the places, like Candlestick RV Park in San Francisco, also offer shuttle-busses to take you from the RV park to various attractions. Candlestick will also work with you to set up a custom shuttle-bus schedule. You might contact other parks that are close to the downtown areas you want to visit and see if they will also set up custom shuttle-busses for your group. I imagine that if you have enough people in your group to make it feasible, that they would be glad to help you set this up in return for a night or two stay in their RV park.

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