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    Hi all,

    Two of us (both from Australia) are planning our first trip to the USA - the main part being a road trip for about a month in the west, then a week in New York.

    We've been to this site a few times and have read other threads relating to similar topics and we're impressed by the detail and care given to answering the enquiries. We'd certainly appreciate some guidance in planning our trip - especially at the macro level as we're about to book flights, etc. Our chief concerns at this stage is the time allowed, start and end points and seasonal timing of what we plan to do. We just want a general feel for our trip to ensure that the the trip and this time frame is a reasonable one.

    So: the current outline is to start at San Francisco at the end of May (roughly 26th) and end up at Denver at end June (roughly 23rd). This gives us approximately a month to travel on road by RV with the main aim to see as many National Parks (NPs) as comfortably possible, taking in views and short day walks along the way. We don't plan on visiting any main cities except for the start and end points of the trip where we pick up and drop off the RV.

    Our questions are:
    Are SF and DV good start and end points for the four weeks allowed? Or would you recommend alternatives? (SF - Salt Lake City?)

    We want to start the trip as early as possible to minimize heat in the desert parks but making sure that we don't get to the rockies too early, where our concern is that they may still be snowed in. Are planned start and end dates OK or should we move them earlier or later? (we do want to avoid the busy season in the Rockies - July onwards we've read).

    What are the conditions like in Yosemite late May when we arrive? Will there still be too much snow to do walks?

    Thanks in advance. With the overall plan set, we can book flights, etc. We can then later research in detail on what roads, etc will best optimize our time there.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your overall plan sounds just about right. Specifically, Yosemite will be wonderful in May as long as you stick to the western valleys. Cool, certainly, but the advantage is the crowds won't have shown up yet. The higher elevations will still have snow to be sure. In fact I wouldn't count on Tioga Pass (which carries CA-120 over the Sierra Nevada mountains) being open yet, and even if it were I wouldn't recommend taking an RV over it that early in the season. So just plan on heading south from Yosemite through Bakersfield and then hooking up through Las Vegas (with a side trip to the Grand Canyon, of course) and then continuing through all the parks in southern Utah heading for Arches. After Arches head south to Monument Valley, up to Mesa Verde, north on US-550 and then on US-50 through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and then to Denver. While in the Denver area and before leaving, make the trip up to Rocky Mountain National park as well. So, yeah, sounds to me like a good plan.


  3. Default Thanks so much

    Hi AZBuck,

    Thank you for your reassurance! It has helped to reinforce that our trip was OK, and also saved us a lot of too and froing with ideas about whether the "general" trip was satisfactory or not.

    We're on our way!

    Now we're off to see the travel agent and hopefully in a week or so we'll be booked onto some flights.

    Once again, thank you thus far!

    I am pretty sure we'll be back on this forum again before too long to thrash out more of the "details"...


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