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  1. Default March - from FL to MI via AL, MS, AR, MO

    The second week in March two friends and I will be driving from the Clearwater, FL area to Detroit, MI. We intend to go camping and enjoy hiking nature trails, visiting wildlife refuges and petting farms. We also enjoy antiquing and novelty restaurants.

    We only have 5 days to make this trip, so our time in each state will be limited. We've driven the east coast route back, and we've driven straight north, so we want to take a more western route back home this year.

    We will leave FL and drive into AL... it is our intention to spend about 5-6 hours each day driving. We have no idea what to visit in these states and really have no requirements other than we'd like to drive through the Ozarks.

    I'd love recommendations of scenic drives, along with any of the above listed activities.

    We also love going to live music shows, we'd love to catch a blues or zydeco jam.

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    Default What You Want vs What You Can Do

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    Just a few days ago, someone else was looking for things to do on the way to Clearwater, so for starters I would offer you some of those some locations in west Georgia. From around Atlanta, you should consider heading up through the northeast corner of Alabama on secondary roads with Nashville as your target. That will give you ample opportunity to get a music fix. Next up head west to Memphis for more music and then continue west into Arkansas. The Ozarks cover the area where Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri meet, and there is a great scenic drive between Arkansas and Oklahoma, the Talimena Scenic Drive. After taking that you can turn back towards Detroit an hit Branson (if that's to your taste), St. Louis, And Chicago, all of which have great music scenes, before reaching your destination.

    Now that's what you want to do, but that's over 2200 miles, and trying to do it in 5 days would leave no time for hiking or music appreciation. So use that as a starting guide and cut back substantially where you can. Most likely, the whole Ozarks part of this trip will have to be ditched. But you can still have a great trip, even if you can't have it all.


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    Not likely to find a Zydeco club on this route, but I can think of a few great stops along the way.

    Blind Willie's on North Highland in Atlanta is a great blues place any night of the week. And there are many other places in the area to investigate.

    Memphis is a blues town from way back. Plan on a night on Beale Street and you'll be buzzing from the energy all the way to Detroit.

    For some down home music, a stop in Mountain View, AR is a treat. There is usually some jamming with fiddles, guitars and banjos going on somewhere in town.

    My guess is that St. Louis would provide good opportunities as well, and would work well along this route.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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