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    Default First Californian Road Trip

    Hi Folks

    First time on the site, but enjoying it loads so far.

    My husband & I have booked an amazing road trip throughout California this June. We dabbled a little on what the amazing California has to offer when we had our honeymoon almost two years ago. We divided our time between America & Australia & couldnt wait to get back to the West Coast as it left us wanting more.

    Our plan is as follows:

    Flying in to San Francisco for a couple of days, then we pick up our Ford Mustang convertible to let the adventure begin.

    First stop: Kernville for some awesome white water rafting
    Next: Vegas Baby
    Then: San Diego, staying on Mission Beach (Obligatory daytrip to Tijuana for Tequila)
    Finally: Santa Monica, my most favourite destination. (I will apologise in advance for being such a typical tourist but I love Bubba Gumps & roller blading-Bring It On!)

    Cant wait for our little adventure but would welcome all comments & advice on each destination & the bits in between

    We are total first timers at this so any little tips would be so welcome

    Thanks again

    Cheryl & Greg
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    hi there,what sort of time scale do you have?if you have time and have never visited yosemite it's well worth the stop it's a wonderfull place.we visited kernville area last october,a really nice place.there is a grove of giant seqouia trees just north of there called the "trial of 100 giants" near johnsondale, well worth a visit if your in that area.
    have a great trip!

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    Hiya Gommy

    Thanks for getting back to us.

    Unfortunately we wont have the time to explore Yosemite on this trip but its definitely on the agenda for the next one, (Our holidays destination for the next few years is absolutely going to be the USA, We love it!).

    The reson we decided to deviate from the general fly drive route is because of the white water rafting opporunities. Apparently because of the snow melt from the Sierra Nevada's, the Kern River potentially has one of the most exciting white water rafting experience. We have rafted in Australia and also in our home country of Scotland but we cant wait to give it a try on the Kern.

    Cant wait to get to San Diego, we have both never been there before. Any tips on good things to do would be welcome.



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    i can't help with san diego,but i'm sure someone will be along.
    from kern to vegas a trip across death valley is a worthwhile detour,it's an incredable place and one that we don't have the likes of in the u.k.

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