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    I am from france and I'm currently a student in north carolina. For spring break I would like to go to florida by the road. I would like to stop in some great space and I will have 9 days. It will be my first road trip and I will be with some grils friends
    I want to have fun , but also discover the area visiting some cool staff and not just be at the beach !

    What will be your advices ?

    thank you,

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    Default Besides the Beach

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    You could make that drive in as little as a day and a half, but you certainly sound like you want to take considerably more time and explore the countryside you'll be passing through, so here are some options. Since you are in Raleigh, I'll assume that you can get to the Appalachian Mountains on another trip. Two cities that should surely be on your itinerary are Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. Both exude charm, offer great walking tours, and the opportunity to sample some local cuisine. In Charleston, you should also plan to take the boat from Patriots Point out to Fort Sumter for a bit of American history, and to get a low cost tour of the harbor. Another non-beach attraction of a totally different sort is the Okefenokee Swamp. St. Augustine, FL is America's oldest city and worth a visit, as is the Kennedy Space Center near Titusville, especially if a launch is scheduled. Bonne chance!


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    thanks for your help...
    We did not decide something yet... we'll see ! thanks you !

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