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    Hi all.
    We are staying a few days in Atlanta and then plan to drive down to Clearwater, Florida in the week beginning 28th July. Can anyone suggest any areas of interest to visit on the way. We have allowed a week for the jouney so we can visit a number of places along the route.

    We have three children 15 , 9, and 7 so we are looking for things that will appeal to the whole family.


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    Default Once you are there

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Its been a very long time since I've driven on that stretch of I-75, so I don't have a lot of ideas for what to see along the drive.

    However, I will strongly recommend a visit to the Suncoast Seabird Sancuatry just down the road from Clearwater. They have a wonderful collection of birds they have rescued from the area. The staff is also very friendly and knowledgable. Admission is free, with donations accepted.

    I stumbled upon the place during a visit to the area last month, and I was very impressed.

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    Default If It's a Journey

    It's just under 500 miles from Atlanta to Clearwater which, when you factor in a probable late start after getting all the kids packed up and clearing Atlanta's traffic, is probably a good day's drive on I-75 even without sight-seeing stops along the way. But if this trip is going to be about the journey as well as the destination, and you can take two days to get to Clearwater rather than pushing to make it in one, then a whole host of possibilities open up. I found west Georgia to be an interesting drive when I went through there a couple of years ago, with more places that I wanted to visit than I had time for, so certainly you could put together a nice 'back roads' trip that stayed off I-75 for the most part and instead used roads like US-27, US-19 and various state highways to string together stops at places like FDR's Little White House, Andersonville's National Historic Site and Civil War Village, the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Kolomoki Mounds State Park, the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge, and the Crystal River Archaeological State Park. You don't have to tell the kids that these are educational. Just let them have fun. And you'll arrive in Clearwater much more refreshed, I think, than if you just make a straight through drive.


  4. Default A big thank you

    Thank you both for the tips. I have had great fun in researching your suggestions. We will definitely be visiting some of the sites. Anderson civil war centre is a "nailed on" certainty.
    We have a week to do the trip so plan on going via Savannah too. I am already hooked on holiday fever and there is still 6 months before we go.

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