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  1. Default phoenix, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Vegas, Big Sur and back to Phoenix

    Hi, I have just discovered this site and it has made my day!!! We have booked flights to Phoenix in August and have also booked a C30 Motorhome for the duration of the trip. I know this is early to start planning but it is a big adventurous thing to do so any advice will be appreciated.
    We plan to visit the usual....Grand Canyon, Vegas (maybe for just a day and night just to see it) hopefully Monument Valley, Yosemite and drive along the Big Sur. We are not really keen to stay in San Fransisco as we are not really big city people but we have been told the drive along the coast is worth the time. San Fransisco in a 30' motorhome does not appeal!!!!! We have 2 weeks (wish it was 2 months!) to do the trip.
    What we really wanted to know was.... Is it really necessary to pre-book RV Parks? We are thinking that maybe the 1st night or two maybe up at the Grand Canyon would be a good idea but as we really do not want to be on a specific schedule we would like more to go-as-we-please, is this possible in August/Sept?
    We know Vegas and the big 'tourist' spots are busy all year round but we have been advised not to attempt driving an rv in Vegas. Is it possible to park outside and get a shuttle/bus into the main Strip' area?

    I don't want too much planning as such as don't want to have to stick to having to be at a particular place at a given set day/time as we may find somewhere we want to stay at for longer or not!
    Any advice will be very greatly appreciated
    Thanks in anticipation!
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    hello there,yes it's a great site is'nt it! they certainly helped me with my r.v.road trip.
    i'm not sur if thats a typo error or not as yellowstone is way out on a limb and i would'nt have thought possible in your time scale,perhaps you mean yosemite?
    to answer your main question then i would say yes if you want to stay in the national parks you will need to book as early as possible to get a spot for your r.v,and i would highly recommend it,once you are in the parks such as g/c,bryce,zion[not on your list but a great place to stay near bryce, you can park up and enjoy the very good free shuttle bus system and have some time of from driving.they can be long drives just getting in and out the the fact they only cost around $20 a night so it's not a massive loss if you don't make it.
    as far as vegas goes there is an r.v park just south of the strip called the oasis,expensive but a great place. they offer a free shuttle to the southern end of the strip where you can get the trolley service,although the shuttle does lots of stops en route and for a $15-18 cab ride it's less hassle.
    we did'nt do the big surf as we decided to have more time around the canyons etc. as for maybe wanting to stay some where longer,trust me you'll want to stay everywhere longer but for some ideas heres my report i am doing,:
    i hope you have a great trip!

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    Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, it was an error...I did mean Yosemeti!!! Getting carried away with myself!
    I value your advise on booking. I know my husband will not want to but it does seem a good idea, especially at the canyons etc. Will this apply even en route to other parts not so busy? Ie: from the canyon areas en route to San Fransisco? I will look at your report too.

    Thanks once again

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    I would back up what has been said. We went to Bryce and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon last year in August in an RV and prebooked our places only just getting in.

    We also drove Big Sur last year but on that part of the trip in a minivan. It is breathtaking scenery but I honestly cannot imagine driving that narrow winding road with a 30 foot RV. Maybe somebody esle on this forum has done it and can advise you from first hand experience.

    For details of my trip read

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    some one else maybe able to give you better advise as to the need to book outside the canyons in august as we travelled in october and it was'nt an issue.
    the one thing i would say is that although the r.v gives you that sense of freedom to do what you want,after a long day of exploring it's nice to have somewhere to go to as you start to get tired and hungry. also remembering that a 30ft r.v is'nt as nimble and easy to manouvre as a car so if you do start to struggle finding somewhere to stop you can't just start "making up time" the same.we done a couple of 3 point turns that ended up being 10 point turns,which can include a good few miles before you find a spot that you can actually turn in.

    for info on camping and visiting the national parks they have a good website named
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    Thanks all for your replies. There are bits of imformation in all of them that I will find helpful for sure. The weeks are ticking by and still have lots to plan but hey....that's part of the fun.

    I notice one of the replies from Gommy said he had stayed at Ruby's RV park. How was the park?
    I'm not expecting 5* standards at rv parks but would like to know if it was friendly and clean.

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    Default Perchance you haven't seen 5* RV resorts yet

    Quote Originally Posted by katrina63380 View Post
    I'm not expecting 5* standards at rv parks but would like to know if it was friendly and clean.
    There are several parks around the USA that could only be considered resorts -- some cost as much as $155 per night and have amenitities that few hotels in the world can match. Some of the nicest ones are in Las Vegas. Ruby's is large RV Park/motel/store/restaurant complex -- it is certainly pleasant and well-run. Jaimie has written a little about it here.


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    Default Big Sur and a motorhome


    The only thoughts I have to add to your plans are these:

    I traveled the PCH from Monterey to San Luis Obispo in early November 2007. It was a terrific day of travel. The pull-outs are almost all on the southbound side of the highway, and I can imagine trying to get in to a rather small pull-out, in a motorhome, from the northbound lane could be difficult. So, if you're "down and back", consider starting from Monterey and hitting the pull-outs on the way down. If you're through-driving, consider a north to south run to better avail yourself of access to the many, many pullouts.


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    HI Gommy
    Your advice has been brilliant!! I am counting the days till we go. I have the 1st part of the trip pretty well sorted ( I think!) Any advice on whether we should head straight from Vegas to Yosemite or stop off somewhere for the night in between as it's a long drive. Any more advice welcome.

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    Thanks for that advice Foy. This forum has been a blessing in disguise for us. We have got the first part of our holiday planned and are now seeking advice as to where to go and stay after we leave Yosemite. We will only have about 6 more days to go along the coast and head off back to Phoenix. We are not too worried about staying in San Fran for too long as we will be happy to do a city tour for a day and stay maybe just one night there (we are definitley NOT city people) before heading along the coast. Any ideas on RV Parks from anyone greatly appreciated.



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