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  1. Default NJ to Austin (final destination). Days on the road?

    Thinking of starting from NJ to Charleston > Savannah > Mobile > Biloxi > New Orleans > Austin. Then back up north to NJ, maybe stopping in Nashville and one other place (not sure yet). What kind of time frame do you think fits best with this trip? As in, how many days can it be done in while still having a good time and not rushing everything.

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    Via Charleston, etc, you're looking at just over 2,000 miles, so you'll need to budget at least 4 days so as to be "not rushing everything." Of course, if you want to do anything more than visit a few sites near the highway, you'll have to budget time for those as well. Coming back by way of Nashville cuts the mileage to around 1,750 so you'll have a bit more free time (maybe half a day or so) in your 4 day drive. So a minimum of 8 days round trip to not rush, but whatever time you need to have a good time.


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    8 days is less than what I thought, so that works out well. Thanks for that.

    Any specific routes in mind?

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    The poster above you knows his stuff, and I recommend every word, and some additional tips, assuming you do what I do:

    Drive from 8 am to 10 PM, then getting a hotel for the night, stop for regular gas, stop every 10 minutes per 2 1/2 hours to rest and take a bathroom break, pack food and eat in the car until you arrive in your first city). Then, this will probably be the layout if you want to spend at least 1 entire day in each of the areas.

    I've driven from Newark, NJ to Savannah, GA using those exact methods above. I believe it took me around 12.5 hours. (speed limit driver) Of course, factor in food if you eat along the way, but definitely a do-able trip. Also, Nashville is a bad move while going there, and would be better to go on the way back. Like this:

    *above tips assumed*
    Day 1
    Depart NJ - 8 AM
    Arrive in Savannah at around 9 PM
    Hotel and stay for all of day 2 to enjoy sights

    Day 3
    Depart Savannah at 8 AM
    Arrive in Mobile at around 4 ish? I've never been there, only driven by, so I'm not 100%.
    Hotel and stay for all of day 4 +enjoy sights

    Day 5
    Depart Mobile at 8 AM
    Arrive in Biloxi about an hour later, shouldn't take any longer
    Spend entire day sightseeing and hotel

    Day 6
    Depart Biloxi at 8 AM
    Arrive in Austin by 8 PM the latest with traffic, but you COULD make it by 6:15, I suppose.
    Hotel and stay for day 7 to sightsee.

    Day 8
    Depart Austin at 8 AM
    Arrive in Nashville by 10 PM
    hotel and stay all of day 9

    Day 10
    8 am drive back. I have made this trip (in reverse) in 12 hour, which is considered pretty good timing.

    That's the most realistic thing I can draw up for you, taking the fastest routes imaginable. It will allow for at least a day and then some in each town, so as to not be rushed out of town after only a few hours. It will also allow you to only sleep in hotels where you are visiting, and not in some random town.

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    Thank you for your input, but if you check the posting dates (January 2008) I think this trip is long done with.

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    Werird lol...I didn't even pay any attention to that because it appeared on my first page in between two postings from today. Whoops = waste of my time..haha.

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