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    My husband and I used your great advice and took our first road trip from Utah to the Oregon Coast. Absolutely breathtaking. So now, we're open for more ideas.

    We would like to take a 7-day trip in July from Salt Lake City to "somewhere". We enjoy camping, but not the heat from the south. Any suggestions??

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I can think of a few ideas. I would think that a trip to Yellowstone and Glacier or the Black Hills would be an excellent option considering your time available.

    You could also easily spend a full week just touring around the Colorado Rockies.

    Or stay even closer to home, and explore all of the many National Parks in Utah!

    Your options are pretty close to limitless, since you've really got the entire mountain west and west coast within your grasp.

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    Default Yellowstone Loop

    ah! you don't like the heat huh? :) Yellowstone was absolutely freezing in the night in July! (that's when I went) It's a great place because there's lots to see and a lot of campsites you can stay in, or the lodge.
    Also, Grand Tetons National Park is right below it, and breathtakingly beautiful. I didn't have the time to go, but you could also check out Jackson Hole, which has good skiing- but maybe not in summer ;)

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