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    Hi All,

    My boyfriend and I (both 28) are planning a roadtrip flying to San Fran from New York then driving down the west coast to San Diego, with the last stop a flight to Vegas (the plan is for 14 days in total in the month of June 08). We are planning to go to Yosemite but do not know if we should go from San Fran airport straight to Yosemite - we are planning two nights in Yosemite and 3 nights in San Fran but which should we do first?? We are then planning to go to San Diego to stay 3 nights - is this enough time or too much - we also want to stop at Santa Barbara - would you recommend staying here - what are the sights to stop at along the way - I have heard of Catalina Island (when is the best time to do this - on the way to L.A.??? - would it be worth staying the night there). Also should we stay in L.A. overnight - we only plan to do the Hollywood sign and walk of fame!! Should we take the coast road on this roadtrip or should we be taking the highway - I presume its longer the coast way - unless there are beaches that we want to see maybe to highway?? We plan on then flying to Las Vegas with a four night stay - should we go white water rafting at the Grand Canyon, should we drive to the Hoover Dam (how long does this take??) and how long to do the Death Valley drive - would you recommend booking over the net or going to travel agent?? Please forward me details of definate places to go along the route - we cant wait but we need to get it booked first!!! Much appreciated in advance.

    Paula and Mike

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    Default slow down!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are a ton of things to see in this area, and its quite obvious that you are excited. However, in that excitement, I think you might be getting ahead of yourself. You are kind of all over the map with your planning, and I think you've listed off more things that you want to do than the number of days you said you have for this trip.

    If you are starting in SF, It makes sense to start your trip in SF and not go somewhere else and then backtrack. That's kind of the same for some of the other things, as you've talked about going to San Diego, and then to Santa Barbara, and then LA. I also don't think I would bother flying from LA or San Diego to Las Vegas. The flight is less than an hour, but by the time you dropped off a rental car, went through security, flew there, got your bags, and rented another car, it would probably take just as much time to fly as it would to drive, not to mention that its going to cost quite a bit more.

    We've got a few hundred threads that talk about the many options between SF and LV. This thread has links to some of our favorites, and I suggest you look at them and the many other threads on the forum to get a better foundation of what you want to see and what you'll have time for.

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    Default Drive, don't do the puddle-jumper flights!

    You might as well enjoy the scenery. The coastal drive is wonderful and it would be a shame to miss it. Same with driving the more desert areas on the way to Vegas. And, as Michael suggested, it's not really a time savings anyway.

    When you're planning, keep in mind that we genererally recommend not traveling more than 500 miles per day. But less is better as it allows time for more stops and exploration. And when you're driving in areas where traffic is slower (like LA, San Francisco, and the coast), you will want to plan for a lot less miles. Maybe 300 or so max for the day?

    I could easily just do California or just do Vegas/nearby Utah national parks in 14 days. Either or, not both. You can do both but then you're starting to get into a whistle-stop trip. And there's nothing wrong with that if you're aware of it ahead of time and choose to do that. But planning time to linger, explore, and relax is always a good idea.

    After you've poked around and gotten a few more concrete plans in place, come on back and let us help you refine your trip more to make it the best it can be! Happy planning.
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