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    Default LA to Carolina

    Travelling for 3 months from march. Mainly interested in going to auto events with some tourist stuff in between.
    Looking for tips on,
    buying a van, small rv,
    best/safest places to stay,
    any body who would like to tag along or jump in as a guide or travel partner.
    I'm 42yo seperated male who has decided to live my dream to visit Americia and see a NASCAR race, NHRA national event, a baseball and footbal game. Also meeting the local people, camping in some of the natioal parks will be great.

    Hope somone can help resolve the little things

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    Default Yet another NASCAR/racing fan!

    We have several here who follow the various racing circuits.

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    If you want to find a travel companion, you might make a post in the "Share the Gas" section. As for buying an RV, this post has links to several tips on RV-related issues. You might check them out. And our RV page has a lot of articles and links to other websites that should point you in the right direction.

    Can we help you with any route-planning advice or something else?

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    Default Chasin' Racin'

    Hello from Carolina--North Carolina, that is.

    Sounds like an interesting trip. Given your time-frame, here are some thoughts and ideas:

    NASCAR should be easy to find then. The season's schedule is on the official NASCAR website and several other places. Ditto the NHRA events. Major League Baseball will start by early April and will be in full swing during your trip. Ditto the minor leagues. Football is going to be harder to find--you're likely going to have to settle for an indoor "Arena Football" game, or a college Spring Practice game. The Spring Practice game is, as it sounds, the culmination of several weeks of practice most colleges engage in each Spring and are intrasquad contests. Where college football is popular, they're pretty well attended and are a good show. If March-June are your times, the NFL is out, as even the pre-season exhibition games don't start until early August.

    Think about this: Minor league baseball can be a ton of fun to see, and it's dirt cheap when compared to the Majors. Likewise lower levels of stock car and drag racing. I enjoy the website called Chasin' Racin'. It provides state-by-state summaries of racing facilities, what kind of racing goes on there, links to track websites, and such. Try to catch at least one dirt track (actually clay) race. In the Midwest (Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, etc) try to catch a "sprint car" race. Look for the series called "World of Outlaws", the top-flight racing series for sprint cars. The Outlaws series runs 900 horsepower cars which are very lightweight, have huge sticky tires, and spend most of their time around the track turned 90 degrees sideways in a powerslide. It's great fun to watch.

    If you plan to do some camping for overnights, be aware of the existence of many state and local parks with campgrounds. Federal facilities, particularly National Forests, offer campgrounds. The costs at state and National Forest campgrounds is normally less than commercial facilities, albeit they're normally not as well-appointed. There are guidebooks, such as Woodall's, which list campgrounds all over the US, and a full or part time camper would be wise to have one on board.


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