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  1. Default June Nevada / California road trip


    My sister and I are planning 2 and a half week road trip as follows:

    Las Vegas
    Reno (one stop in between - probably Tonopah)
    South Lake Tahoe
    Big Pine/Lone Pine - can't decide!
    Death Valley
    Las Vegas

    I've a few questions
    a) Anyone recommend a fairly cheap, but not totally crappy hotel in Downtown Reno?
    b) The Sierra Nevada looks amazing - I don#t know where to stay between Lake Tahoe and Death Valley - I wanted to see Sequoia National Park, but it seems you can't reach it from the eastern side of it, so will settle for all the other stuff, but can anyone recommend anything we really must see? I.e. we'll probbaly stop at either Big Pine or Lone Pine for a couple of days of hiking, but which one's the best for hiking and scenary?
    c) How hot will Death Valley be in June? We;'ll be there around the 15th - and we're only planning one stop off, probably at Stovepipe Wells, between the other side of it and Las Vegas - is that enough?

    Any advice on any of this greatly appreciated!

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    Default plenty of time

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With 2.5 weeks, you've really got plenty of time here to fit in everything you've listed plus Yosemite and Sequoia.

    Mid-June makes Tioga Pass a 50/50 proposition, but there are other passes that should be open where you could cross the Sierra. And while you can't directly get from the Eastern Sierra to Sequoia National Park, there are still a few good options to get across the mountains.

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    death valley is beautiful and worth at least a day. however in June it will be about 20 degrees hotter then hell. allthough it is a dry heat. i would plan to be there early morning or in the evening. bring extra water and watch the temp gauge on your car. and be careful when you are out of your car.

    harrah's properites are usually good and i believe there is one in downtown reno. any one of the bigger casino's should be good there. it's a fun little town

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