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  1. Default HELP!!Vancouver BC to Anaheim (DISNEYLAND)

    First time roadtrip(ers)!HELP!

    My boyfriend and i and possibly some friends have decided to do a road trip from BC to Disneyland. We have been practically NO WHERE in the states so we're looking for as much info as we can get.

    We need LOTS of advice.
    What we're looking for:

    -best route (direct)
    -most scenic route
    -things to do along the way (sightseeing, events, activities) -where are they, what is there to do?
    -i've heard something about the dunes where u can dritbike and quad, where is this?
    -best places to stay?/Worst places to stay?
    -how long will the route take?
    -are there any good camping(tenting) spots along the way

    Thank you for your help!!

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    Default A couple of tidbits

    Hello LookinForSun,

    My west coast road tripping has been limited to a single weeklong period, and all of that was in central and southern California roughly between the Golden Gate Bridge and Los Angeles. I have, however, a few thoughts:

    The off-road area (dunes) etc is probably Pismo Beach. It's near San Luis Obispo, CA, something on the order of 150-175 mi up US 101 from Los Angeles.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Santa Cruz-Capitola area and spent 3 days there visiting my sister. I would imagine a summertime visit there would be even more fun than my November visit.

    Being a geologist, I wanted to see some serious rocks and faults, so I spent a day in the Carrizo Plain National Monument, where the San Andreas Fault can be very plainly seen. That may not be a place one would want to spend time in the summer, however. Still, the interior of CA is huge and spectacular, so some routing which takes you away from US 101 and I-5 would be very scenic.

    Enroute to the Carrizo Plain, I transited the mountain range immediately north of Ventura and east of Santa Barbara via CA-33 through Ojai. That was a very cool trip and not too much of a side-trip if you're traveling along either 101 or 5.

    Good luck with your travel plans.


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    Default That's a fun trip!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    Quote Originally Posted by LookinForSun View Post
    First time roadtrip(ers)!HELP!
    Help is what we're here for!

    We need LOTS of advice.
    What we're looking for:

    -best route (direct)
    The most direct route is I-5 most of the way. See map and directions here. Their travel time estimates are usually a bit optimistic. I would figure closer to 25 hours travel time. This includes time for quick stops for fuel/food/bio breaks. If you stop and explore, then you would have to add more time for doing that. If you did three days of about 8 hours each, it would make a decent trip.

    -most scenic route
    Taking the coastal highway, in my opinion anyway. Here's a link to map and directions for that trip.

    You might take I-5 one direction and the coastal drive the other direction. That would make a really great trip. You need more time to go down the coast as it's a 2-lane road and you won't be able to travel as fast due to type of road and the fact you're driving through towns and will have to slow to 25-30mph through the towns. You would want a minimum of 4 days but more would be better to allow more time to explore.

    -things to do along the way (sightseeing, events, activities) -where are they, what is there to do?
    Here's a link to various discussions about these areas. Reading through them should give you lots of ideas. Here's a few more ideas.

    -i've heard something about the dunes where u can dritbike and quad, where is this?
    Are you thinking of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area? It is located on Oregon's coast between Florence and Coos Bay.

    -best places to stay?/Worst places to stay?
    I tend to be a tent-camper. If I'm not staying in my tent, I'm looking for bargain-priced motels. Most of these are clean and offer a place to sleep for the night. That's all I usually need. Are you looking for some kind of special places to stop like resorts? Bed & Breakfasts?

    -how long will the route take?
    See the comments in the most direct and scenic answers above.

    -are there any good camping(tenting) spots along the way
    There are many national/state/county parks along both routes. Also many commercial campgrounds. Most have good tent camping. It's hard to recommend one over the other. You can't go wrong with most. You'll usually find more privacy at the government-operated campsites. How good the commercial campgrounds are varies a lot. If you get your trip plans narrowed down so that we know where you might spend the night, we can target our recommendations to you better based on location.

    Thank you for your help!!
    That's what we're here for! Let us know how we can help you further.
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    Last summer I did a road trip, roughly the reverse of this.. Orange County to Vancouver (actually up to Jasper) and back. You might want to look at the trip repot at this link

    The most direct route is via I-5 south from Bellingham through Portland and Sacramento and down the California Central Valley to the LA basin. Figure on 2 long days of driving to do it straight, either way.

    For scenic options, you have a bunch -- ranging from more slowly down the coast all the way (you can start in like Port Angeles Washington and come all the way down the coast to LA... but that's like a week of traveling), to a more easterly route (down through Yakima, Bend, Tahoe, and etc.), or wander back and forth a few places for specific spots to visit.

    There are lots of tent camping places along the way, although few right on I-5. If you're willing to get off the road for 30-60 minutes, there are quite a few in the National Forests, State, County and even City parks along the way.

    San Dunes you can quad and bike are found in several places along the route -- either along the Oregon Coast, near Pismo Beach in California (on the coast), or at Kelso Dunes and elsewhere in the Mojave (although Kelso Dunes are in a Preserve area, so no quads and bikes..) The big area for motorized fun is down near the Mexican border, about 3-4 hours south of Disneyland in the Yuma Dunes. That's most easily reached off of I-80, about 10-20 miles west of Yuma Arizona.

  5. Default Thank you!

    Thank you for the advice.

    Our plans however have changed.
    Now we're going to:

    Revelstoke BC
    Banff Alberta
    Drumheller Alberta
    Fort Macleod Alberta
    Great Falls Montana
    Missoula Montana
    Boise Idaho
    Crater Lake Oregon
    Toketee Falls Oregon
    Florence Oregon
    Mount St Helens National Monument Washington
    Mt Rainier National Park Washington
    Seattle Washington

    If you have any suggestions of good things to see or must sees, id greatly appreciate it, thanx

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