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    A couple girlfriends and I are planning a roadtrip for mid june for about 2 and a half weeks. We are leaving from Bartlesville OK and are going to Ventura, CA On the way back we are going down to San Antonio before back to OK. We want to have as much fun as possibe, but still have a general idea of things to come. We would like to spend about a week actually in Ventura but the rest is up in the air. Is this an okay plan or should we consider changing how long we are gone?

    Advice as to what to do and see on the way to CA and then to TX and where to stay on the way would be greatly appreciated! Routes to take as well would help!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I think your basic outline seems pretty doable. You're looking at about 3 straight days of driving to get their, and 4 days on the road to come back via San Antonio. Even if you spend a week in California, that still gives you a handful of days to tour Texas or just spend more time enjoying what you'll find on the road.

    Your basic route out to CA would be I-40. There are plenty of Route 66 stops along the way, plus the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest and the Grand Canyon not too far off the path.

    Going back you'd probably want to stick to I-10, which has a whole bunch of things to see between California and San Antonio.

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    As Michael said, you will need a minimum of three days out and four days back, but within that time frame you do have the chance to see a few of the sights close to the highway. Unfortunately, I wouldn't include the Grand Canyon in a list of such sights unless you can add another day to the trip out. But places that are very close to I-40 or I-10 include Petroglyph National Monument, Petrified Forest National Park, Walnut Canyon National Monument, Saguaro National Park, Kartchner Caverns, Tombstone, and White Sands National Monument,


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