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    Hi first time poster and new to the site. I am in a struggle to find a really nice route and not missing some cool stuff. So here is my plan to spend 5 days driving and about 3 days of sightseeing for a total of a 8 day trip. Some days we can stop and sightsee and then continue on our way, but I am also looking for economical routes.

    I would like to do things like cross Hoover dam, See Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore,white water rafting....

    So does anyone have a good idea of where I should start,play and stop?

    I will be towing a trailer as I am moving and my truck probably will not like the mountains to much but I am gonna push through if I can!

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I am doing this trip in a couple of months so I got time to plan but I wanna get a route together quickly so I can get that out of the way.

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    Default Where's the end?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Northern Michigan is a big place, and could really define an area that encompasses a few hundred miles. A trip to Houghton would be at least a little different than a trip to Traverse City. Where exactly do you plan to finish this trip?

    Hitting both the Grand Canyon and Mt. Rushmore should be pretty easy to do on this timeframe. I-40 and I-25 would be your main routes, and those aren't too bad in terms of mountains. You'd get off onto 2 lane roads to cut up into the Black Hills to see Rushmore, and then have an easy trek east on I-90.

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    Cheboygan, MI.

    I like that, just looking to see where the best place to see the Grand Canyon would be. What other stuff should I look to see on my route?

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