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    I will be travelling from southwestern michigan to san diego the last week of Feb...I was thinking of getting there via the southern route along I-40...Any pointers would be great, this is my first trip cross country.

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    Default its what we're about

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you look around this site, you'll find the vast majority of this site is about giving pointers and advice. You might be best off just looking around the forum and the planning section if you are just looking for an overview.

    Since you mentioned a "southern route," you should be aware that going south in the Winter doesn't mean you'll always avoid weather.

    If you have some more specific questions, by all means ask them, but without knowing things like your timetable, budget, interests, and of course reasons for traveling, its hard to give specific advice.

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    Default Try Route 66

    If you're taking interstates 55 and 44 to Oklahoma City, you'll be running alongside Route 66 and at times, on it. If you have time, get off and take a trip back into time.

    Once in OKC, I-40 also took the place of Route 66.

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    Thus far this is what i have planned...Prolly gonna be a quick trip...I have to be in San Diego to report to my new ship before she deploys at the beginning of March....So far I was thinking: Day 1 book it to Tulsa, prolly a long day 12-13 hours.
    Day 2 try to make to Albuqueque, again i know it's a lot of driving but it's gonna be me solo in my Jetta unless I find anybody who needs a ride. From here I am at a loss as which route to take or how much longer it should take to get to San Diego. I'm traveling right after tax time so my budget is pretty good, but I really dont have a ton of time to take in the sights which sucks because I'm a photojournalist and would like to take at least a few pics, but i'll be redoing the trip this summer when i drive my wife and son out to cali...Thanks again for the advice thus far, I hope I gave enough info this time around to get some more advice.

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    Default not a smart pace

    Trying to drive all the way to Tulsa will not just be a 12-13 hour trip, and its not a distance that we'd ever recommend for a solo traveler. 15 hours is probably the best you could hope for to cover the distance (850, assuming grand rapids as the starting point), and quite frankly, its hard to do that safely as a solo driver. Traveling on to Albq the next day is another 700 miles, which is still longer than we recommend for a day's travel. When you factor in your plan to cover 1500 miles in 2 days, Its borderline impossible to travel that kind of distance by yourself on that timetable, and do so without severely compromising your safety and the safety of others on the road.

    I strongly urge you to read our recommendations for how long you can and should travel in a day, and to reconsider your current plan.

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    Hey mike, thanks for the advice...Hopefully ya'll can help me find a less abitious plan, that is still productive, my drop dead date for making it to San Diego is March 3rd, and I'm actually gonna be leaving from South Bend, it is I will be cutting my leave short to hit the road, so any/all advice/help would be awesome.


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    Default drop dead

    If you absolutely have to be in San Diego on March 3, I would not leave later than Feb 28. That gives you 4 full days (since 2008 is a leap year) to arrive the night of March 2. It also gives you at least a small margin of error in case you run into some small unforseen problem, like a mechanical breakdown or a weather delay.

    Additionally, I wouldn't worry about planning overnight stops at this point, because I wouldn't choose a route until just before you leave. In Feb/March, you could certainly see bad weather on any route, so you'll want to wait to see a weather forecast to determine if I-40, I-70, or I-80 would be the best choice for your trip.

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