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    I am 22 years old and planning to take a short road trip in May with my boyfriend, his cousin, and her fiancee. We live in Tulsa, OK and the cousin lives in Kansas City, MO. We would like to decide on a destination, but take a couple days to get there and back and only stay there for 3 days. We were thinking a beach destination, but not restricted to it. Does anyone have ideas as to where might be a fun place to go, with things to look at/do on the way? We just want to wing it, but want to make sure we see lots of new things and have some adventures along the way! Any ideas help...

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    The first thing you're going to have to decide is where to start from, Kansas city or Tulsa. That largely matters only for logistic purposes (who meets whom where) but doesn't really affect where you can go. Then you'll need to pick a destination. The easiest are the Gulf Beaches such as South Padre Island, Matagorda, Galveston or the Mobile area. But most of those will still take at least a day and a half from Kansas City. Your other choice is to head for the Atlantic coast somewhere between Jacksonville and Myrtle Beach, reachable in two days from either Tulsa or K.C. Finally, you'll have to decide what is important to each of you individually and as a group. For this purpose, we highly recommend this 'quiz' as a way to talk amongst yourselves. Once you have those three things settled, then you can start planning out your trip in detail. If you want to see more than just a beach, my choice would be to head for Savannah or Charleston and meander along the way through the South and the Appalachians, and maybe spend a day or two less at the shore.


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